Attack On Titan: 6 Important Things To Remember Before The Final Season Returns

Eren and Mikasa in Attack on Titan.
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If you know me, you know that I like anime. It’s pretty much integrated into my brain at this point. 2020 was a year for all of us and I spent a good amount of my time re-watching Avatar: The Last Airbender, and then, after I was done with that, I decided to give anime a try. Baddabing, baddaboom, we’re here now three years later and I’ve seen every freaking anime under the sun. 

Alright, maybe not every anime, but a good amount, and one of my favorites has become the legendary Attack on Titan. Originally released in 2013, with three complete seasons now and a fourth one still ongoing, the show is coming back with the last part of its fourth and final season (which will air as one extended special episode on March 4th, and another one later this year). 

It’s been nearly a year since the finale of Season 4 Part 2 aired, and if you’ve been too busy watching other anime such as Chainsaw Man or the sports anime, Blue Lock to recall what happened, this article is for you. Here is what you need to remember for Attack on Titan Season 4. 

Eren's Founding Titan form in Attack on Titan.

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Eren Is Pretty Far Gone

I think we can pretty much comfortably say that the Eren we once knew in the show is very much gone and I don’t think we are going to ever get him back. 

Granted, I have read the manga, because I was spoiled on certain things that I will not be getting into, so I do know how the story ends on paper, but I’ve heard rumors that they might be going with a different ending for Season 4, so who knows? As of right now, Eren has completely given into the memories that the Attack Titan has given him, and his Founding Titan has overtaken his body, so there’s truly no way of speaking to him one on one. 

There are other ways that Eren can speak to everyone – as we saw in one episode where he used telepathy in the Paths – but if the Scouts were planning on having a nice little sit-down conversation with him, that most certainly is not going to happen. 

The Colossal Titans in Attack on Titan.

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And He And His Colossal Titans Have Set Foot On The Mainland

You know, I never really thought of the Colossal Titan as something that was scary. Out of all the Titans, I truly believe it was one of the weakest, because while it has an obvious size advantage over every other Titan, it’s very slow. Sometimes that can work to its advantage, sometimes it can’t. 

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The Colossals that we see at the end of Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2, however, were unlike any other because there were hundreds. Eren, using the Founding Titan ability that he was able to activate thanks to touching his brother, Zeke (who is of royal blood), unleashed the Rumbling on the world – which basically means, he took down the Walls of Paradis and brought out the Colossal Titans that have been trapped in there. 

With him leading them, he’s planning on killing everyone. And I mean everyone. They’ve landed just on the shores of the mainland now, and it won’t be long before they completely obliterate the world. Talk about something I never could have guessed when I first began this anime. 

The Armored Titan in Attack on Titan.

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Marley And Paradis Are Working Together

For the longest time, this anime has gone back and forth on who the true enemy of the series is. Unlike many other anime where the enemy feels really clear, such as My Hero Academia or Spy x Family or whatever, Attack on Titan made many people the enemy. 

It was the Titans at first, obviously, but then it changed to the government, and then it changed to the war against Marley, once they discovered life outside the Walls, and now it’s literally all against Eren – the person who had sworn to kill all the Titans is now unleashing them on the world. 

Funny how certain things turn out...Writing that sentence made me really sad. 

Anyway, because of the amount of power Eren now has, both the Scouts of Paradis (the ones we all know and love, not those little Yeagerists that really need to die) and the soldiers of Marley (Reiner, Annie, and those folk) are now working together to try and take down Eren. To be honest, I did always want to see them come back together…but never expected it to be for this reason.

General Magath and Shadis in Attack on Titan.

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General Magath And Former Commander Shadis Are Both Dead

Something I had totally forgotten about – and something you probably did, too – is that the General for not only the Marleyan army, but the former Commander of the Scouts, are both dead. General Magath and Former Commander Shadis ran into each other while attempting to take out a captured Marleyan ship in order to get the others to safety so they could save the world from Eren. 

The two end up having a conversation about the state of the world and offer respect to each other, despite being enemies not that long ago, before sacrificing their lives and blowing up the ship so the others could stop Eren. It was a very surprising moment – but one that needed to happen all the same. 

Levi in Attack on Titan.

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Levi Is Still Very Injured

Before I read the manga, I was in a literal state of shock when the second half of Season 4 Part 2 released because I really thought they had killed off Levi freaking Ackerman, one of the most badass non-Titan shifters, in an explosion, of all things. Thankfully that wasn’t the case and I didn’t need to add him to my most heartbreaking deaths of the series. 

But the dude is still very injured. 

At this point in the show, we haven’t seen him walk since his injuries, and he lost two of his fingers in the explosion, so he’s most certainly not in tip-top form. But, we have seen him standing and fighting in a lot of promo art for Part 3, so I have hope he’ll at least be a part of the fight. With those injuries, though? He’s most likely not going to be the same Levi as before – still love the guy, though.

Falco in Attack on Titan.

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Falco Has Already Used His Titan Form

Out of every single Marley person that we have gotten to know over the course of Season 4 Part 1 and Part 2, Falco is one of the people I really like because he just seems like a genuinely nice kid with good intentions. After he accidentally ate Zeke’s spinal fluid, he turned into a pure Titan, but ended up eating the Jaw Titan before him, Porco, and taking on that form. 

During the last few episodes of Season 4 Part 2, we actually see him transform into his version of that Titan to help the Scouts and Marley soldiers fight against the Yeagerists, and it’s freaking badass. Much better than the other Jaw Titans, in my opinion. 

I won’t say what his Titan does in the manga, but you better get excited, because it’s sick and I’m so happy we got to see him in action a little bit before the show comes back. 

I personally don’t know how ready I am for Attack on Titan to come back and rip out my heart again and again like it has been doing for years now, but here’s to the final season and the amount of tears I am going to shed. I need to go watch something wholesome now – where is Spy X Family when you need it? 

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