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Buckle Up, Prey’s Predator Actor Is Headed To The MCU And Star Wars

The Predator in Prey
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The new movie in the Predator franchise, Hulu’s Prey, has made a couple of big stars out of its leads. Amber Midthunder, who plays Naru, the titular Prey, is getting a lot of praise for her performance, as is Dane DiLiegro, who plays the Predator itself. And if DiLegro now has a bunch of new fans, they won’t have too long to wait to see him again, as the actor has revealed he’s recently done work both in the MCU and for Star Wars.

While Dane DiLegro doesn’t reveal any details about his upcoming projects, because nobody is ever allowed to talk about these things, the actor does confirm working for both Marvel and Lucasfilm, though he implies to Entertainment Weekly it’s in small roles, nothing quite as big as playing the big bad of Prey. DiLegro explains,

I worked on a Marvel picture that just wrapped a few months ago. And I am currently shooting a Lucasfilm production. They're not always huge title roles like the Predator, but to be involved in things under those umbrellas is an honor, and gives me a tremendous sense of pride.

Dane DiLegro does specify working on a Marvel “picture,” which would seem to imply a movie rather than one of the multitude of Disney+ Marvel series. Unfortunately, that only narrows things down so much, as he could be referring to one of several upcoming Marvel movies. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, and The Marvels, all have wrapped filming, so he might be referring to any of them. The latter two films both finished filming earlier this year, which maybe makes them the most likely candidates for a movie that wrapped “a few months ago.” If that's the case, he could be playing another alien creature of some kind. It's very possible we won't see his face again.

On the Lucasfilm front, unless there’s a secret project we don’t know about, it seems Dane DiLegro is working on Star Wars, as the two non-Star Wars projects from Lucasfilm, the Willow series for Disney+  and Indiana Jones 5 have been done with filming for some time. The most likely candidate, since the actor does not specify this is a film, is the Ahsoka Disney+ series, which as far as we know is still filming. Unless filming has begun on other upcoming series like Skeleton Crew or The Acolyte.

While Dane DiLegro’s roles in these projects may not be massive, he says he's still quite proud to be part of the franchises. He likely came to them before most people had seen Prey. Now that they have, there’s a pretty good chance that larger roles are going to come his way. 

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