FBI Co-Creator Is Giving Fans A Look Behind The Scenes At Real Agents' 'Hair-Raising' Stories With New Series

FBI's new true crime show.
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CBS’ FBI franchise has been going strong since the flagship series premiered in 2018, and now, with three shows under its belt, it seems to be stronger than ever. (A three-way FBI crossover was even recently announced.) Franchise co-creator Craig Turk has certainly been a busy man, and he's added another production to his plate. However, this one is going to be different from his procedurals, as it's going to give fans a look at some truly "hair-raising" stories from agents.

Some may be disappointed to learn that the FBI franchise isn't getting a fourth series yet). However, fans will be able to watch agents discuss their real-life stories on an upcoming Paramount+ docuseries, FBI True, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Craig Turk and former FBI agent Anne Beagan have teamed up with CBS’ See It Now Studios and Canada’s Afram Films to make the 10-episode show a reality. The official description teases plenty of intrigue as well:

In this relaxed setting, they share hair-raising stories of dangerous missions carried out by the FBI in the United States and worldwide. With everything on the line, what choices did they make? How did they keep their cool with a kidnapped child’s life on the line, or with a bomb ticking in an unknown location, or a terrorist on the loose?

FBI True will make use of interrogations, surveillance videos, and personal photos when it features stories centered on mobster Whitney Bulger, the D.C. beltway snipers, the Benghazi embassy attack, and more. These experiences are derived from discussions that agents have at Arts & Crafts Beer Parlor in New York City. Needless to say, the series will really taking a deep dive into the events that agents experience on a daily basis. I can see this show garnering quite an audience, especially since true crime-centered content is seemingly very popular at the moment.

One also can't discount the notion of this show appealing to those who love procedurals. They're some of the most-watched (and longest-running) shows on the small screen. There's just something that draws viewers (like mysef0 to them. Paramount+ has found success with CBS’ milestone-hitting military drama SEAL Team, which moved to the streamer at the beginning of its fifth season and was recently renewed for Season 7. And Criminal Minds: Evolution also got the green light for a second season. 

Additionally, CBS has found success with Blue Bloods, which is nearing 300 episodes, and of course, the NCIS franchise, which has two shows that will return in the fall of 2023. But at the end of the day, we still have to remember that FBI True will have a vibe that's unlike that of scripted fare. But the trailer for the show is sure to get fans excited nonetheless. Check it out:

It’s unclear as to whether or not FBI True is being produced as a limited series or an ongoing one. If the show is a hit, it wouldn't be surprising if Craig Turk and co. get another season. But even if it doesn't return, fans can take heart in knowing that the FBI franchise received huge renewals last year, meaning there's plenty of additional content to come. Here's hoping the new show manages to strike a chord with audiences as the others have.

FBI True is set to premiere on Tuesday, February 28, meaning you'll want to have a Paramount+ subscription so that you'll be able to check it out. Information on the year's other major premieres can be found on CinemaBlend’s 2023 TV schedule.

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