As SEAL Team Hits 100 Episodes, David Boreanaz Shares His Take On The Key To Reaching Such A TV Milestone

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Spoilers ahead for SEAL Team’s 100th episode, “Watch Your 6.” 

Although Bravo Team has suffered some challenges on recent episodes of SEAL Team, the series itself has a lot to celebrate with the release of its newest episode, “Watch Your 6.” With this new installment, the show has officially hit 100 episodes! And in the midst of the celebration, leading man David Boreanaz shared his take on the key to hitting such a big milestone in the TV realm.

David Boreanaz is no stranger to hitting 100 episodes, as he’s achieved the feat on both Angel and Bones once upon a time, with the latter ending with 200+ installments. So it’s no surprise that Boreanaz would share his two cents on what it means to hit the 100 episodes milestone. While talking to ET about the secret formula, the actor explained that it comes down to a number of key factors:

It is a combination, and it always comes down to the writing first and foremost and being able to have the commitment to take the characters to a deeper level because it’s one thing to get a script and look at it and understand it and try to do what’s there, but you want to push yourself even more and excite the writers to write more for it, right? And that’s your job as an actor. That’s what we do, and I’ve been blessed and fortunate to do many shows like that. This show, in particular, for me, has really opened up great opportunities to learn more about myself and take a character to higher levels. It’s a blast, it really is a blast.

SEAL Team is definitely different from Bones and Angel, but the recipe works the same, it seems. And it sounds like David Boreanaz thinks that this milestone is even more special for the military drama because of the subject matter and what the cast and crew have been able to do with it for the past six seasons. 

It's unclear as to what lies ahead for the show after Season 6 but, I'm sure everyone involved is just happy about reaching 100 episodes, and the landmark entry definitely made for an intense hour of TV. With the team back in Vah Beach after Syria, they took a trip up to Full Metal’s cabin to get away and throw an impromptu bachelor party for Clay. With Bravo 6 struggling so much lately, the team tried to their best to rally around him, and it was emotional, to say the least.

Though SEAL Team had an unknown future last year before making the move to streaming, the switch has proven to be a successful one, as it's now one of the best shows on Paramount+. It’s been nearly a year since the series jumped to the platform, and showrunner Spencer Hudnut opened up about the impact streaming has had on SEAL’s direction. The show has definitely been able to tell more realistic stories and get darker from a creative standpoint. (Clay’s traumatic storyline is a firm example of that latter point.)

2022 is proving to be a big year for the drama, and it’s not just because it hit 100 episodes. Earlier this year, Paramount+ announced a SEAL Team movie. The film is going to be a standalone project, but no other information has been released as of this writing. 

When the series began filming Season 6, David Boreanaz posted a photo from the show's early days, and it was definitely quite the throwback. Bravo has gone through a lot in these last 100 episodes, and one can only hope that we'll continue to see their adventures for another 100!

New episodes of SEAL Team premiere on Sundays, so be sure to grab a Paramount+ subscription!

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