FBI, Most Wanted, And International Stars Are Excited About CBS' Huge Franchise Renewal News, And Fans Should Be Too

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The season finales of the three FBI shows are still a few weeks away, but CBS isn’t asking fans to wait for some very good news for the franchise. FBI, FBI: Most Wanted, and FBI: International have all been renewed for two more seasons, bring the FBI count up to six seasons, FBI: Most Wanted up to five seasons, and FBI: International up to three. Unsurprisingly, the casts of the three hit shows were very excited about the good news, and I think it’s already safe to say that fans have some big reasons to be excited as well. 

Multi-season renewals for dramas don’t exactly happen every day, although fellow Wolf Entertainment series Law & Order: SVU, Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., and Chicago Med scored some a couple of years ago. Now, the FBIs can claim the same, and the stars of the three shows (which you can watch with a Paramount+ subscription) appeared in a video announcing the news to show off that they’re pretty hyped about getting two more years of crime-fighting action. Take a look at the Instagram video:

What’s not to love about seeing the stars’ reactions to the good news? FBI’s Zeeko Zaki, John Boyd, and Katherine Renee Turner want fans to be on the lookout for two more seasons, and even made sure that Missy Peregrym was there in spirit, even though she’s out on maternity leave and the show found a shocking way to write Maggie out for the rest of Season 4. 

For FBI: Most Wanted, longtime series regular Keisha Castle-Hughes (who made a big comeback earlier in Season 3) was joined by Season 3 newcomers Alexa Davalos and Dylan McDermott to break the good news (and enjoy some snacks). McDermott won’t need to head to a third Wolf Entertainment show now that Remy Scott seemingly has a long future! 

As for FBI: International, Luke Kleintank was in Croatia filming without the rest of his castmates, but he still celebrated the news that he declared is “incredible,” and costars Carter Redwood and Vinessa Vidotto both commented with some celebratory emojis on the Instagram post. 

It’s no wonder that the stars are so excited about the two-season renewals. Unless they decide to leave like Most Wanted’s Julian McMahon, or are killed off like FBI’s Rina, they may now have job security in the competitive world of primetime network TV. The decision likely wasn’t too hard for CBS, as the 2021-2022 TV ratings reveal that FBI is the #2 broadcast series, International is the #2 new drama, and Most Wanted is within the top ten, all contributing to making CBS the top primetime network on Tuesday nights. 

So, the renewals are great for the stars and of course for CBS if the ratings keep up, but what about fans? Well, the orders for two new seasons guarantee that Missy Peregrym will indeed be back as Maggie after her maternity leave, with FBI not ending for good with a Maggie-free last few episodes of Season 4. The same is hopefully true for FBI: Most Wanted and Roxy Sternberg, who stepped away from playing Barnes for her own maternity leave

Plus, a double renewal for all three shows means that they can potentially plan ahead for major storylines without having to account for waiting on news of the future. Perhaps more crossovers will even be possible, although that may depend on production complications and whether the U.S.-based FBI and Most Wanted can find reason to cross over with International in the flesh instead of via video call. 

Plus, based on Dylan McDermott’s excitement in the renewal announcement, Remy Scott will presumably be sticking around, and fans will get the chance to get to know him as well as they did Jess LaCroix prior to his death earlier in Season 3. And of course, there’s the fact that if any of the three shows end their current seasons on cliffhangers, fans can head into hiatus without having to worry about whether or not they’ll be cancelled. 

All things considered, there’s a lot for pretty much everybody to be excited about for these series getting at least two more seasons, and with a few more episodes before their finales on May 24. For now, you can catch new episodes of FBI at 8 p.m. ET, International at 9 p.m. ET, and Most Wanted at 10 p.m. ET on Tuesday nights, only on CBS

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