Dated And Related: 5 Things To Know Before You Watch The New Netflix Dating Show

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We live in a world that is dominated by dating shows, whether it be on broadcast television, streaming platforms, or cable TV. There are some awesome dating shows on Netflix to watch, from straight-up cheesy one to others that have a lot of heart and truly are hilarious to watch. My personal favorite for a long time has been Love is Blind, because there aren't really other shows that take that approach to falling for someone based on just their personality. 

But, a new dating show has come to Netflix that piqued my interest, and I’m sure the moment you hear this title, it’ll pique your interest, too – Dated & Related. 

Now before you turn your nose up and wonder what on earth this could be about with that title, I assure you, it’s not what you’re most likely thinking. If you've come here and you’re wondering exactly what this series is all about, here are some things you should know before checking out Dated & Related. 

I know, I know – a part of us were all thinking that we were about to witness something like the Targaryen or Lannister stuff from Game of Thrones, but I assure you that Dated & Related has nothing of that sort. The basic premise of the dating show is that siblings or relatives, of some sort, come together to a resort to meet with other singles. 

The host, Melinda Berry, has fourteen siblings (yeah, you read that right. My head hurts just thinking about it), and she is always looking to her siblings for advice, so she thought it would be best to combine that with the world of dating. In this show, family members are brought in to help their relatives (hopefully) find the love of their lives.

They’re also competing for a $100,000 prize for the best couple that comes out of this. It’s, honestly, wholesome to see families help each other out - but that title is

In several of the Netflix dating shows I’ve watched, a lot of the contestants are often from the United States. Which is fine – Netflix is an American company, so I would expect that. But, if you happen to have a Netflix subscription in the United Kingdom, you’ll be pleased to know that there are people from your side of the pond on Dated & Related, too. 

In fact, there are two sets of twins, both from the United Kingdom, that appear on Dated & Related, with everyone else being from various states across the U.S., like Texas and New Jersey. While it’s not that much diversity, it’s cool to see different countries represented here. 

The Show Has A Mix Of Sweet Family Moments And Typical Dating Show Nonsense

Pull up the feels train, because Dated & Related actually has some pretty sweet family moments that you wouldn’t really expect from a dating show. 

While, of course, the premise of the series is still trying to find love (as with any dating show), the added element of having a family member help and being there for participants when they need them brings in a certain level of love and compassion you don’t usually get in common dating shows. It’s very nice to see how much these siblings and relatives care about each other, to the point where they would do anything for the other. 

However, it’s still a dating show - which means there is a typical dating show style and shenanigans that you would expect; like literally everyone being pretty, and there always being some sort of fabricated awkward moment or fights – everything you would probably think would happen is right here, as well. 

There Are Ten Episodes That Are About 30-50 Minutes Each

Thankfully, we aren’t about to have feature-length episodes of this dating show. There are only ten episodes of Dated & Related, and they range from about 30-50 minutes each, with the longest being the premiere and the shortest being the finale. 

If you were thinking we were going to be in the United States for this series, you’re wrong. We are heading right over to Europe. Dated & Related actually filmed in the South of France at a beautiful resort – which is making me really want to travel. Lucky dating show contestants. 

If you were looking for a fresh new dating show to watch with some surprisingly lovely family moments (but plenty of drama), be sure to check out Dated & Related. Afterwards, if you want more fun dating shows, also check out Love on the Spectrum, another favorite of mine. 

All ten episodes of Dated & Related are available to stream on Netflix right now. 

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