7 Great Holiday-Themed Baking Shows To Watch Streaming

One of the contestants and the judges/hosts in the Great British Baking Show: Holidays.
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It’s that time of year again, where we’re all gathered around the table with our loved ones, talking about our years and about the holidays, while eating some good food. One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is bake, from cakes to cookies to specially themed desserts that I only really make during this time of year. But sometimes, I just need a little bit of inspiration from the baking gods on what to make.

That’s where this list comes in handy, as these are some of the best holiday baking shows that come on during the Christmas season, and might aid you a bit to figure out what to make for your next holiday party. From popular shows like Nailed It to entire competitions themed around the holidays, here is where you can watch these shows streaming right now. 

One of the creations in Nailed It! Holiday.

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Nailed It! Holiday (Netflix)

In this Netflix original show, hosted by comedian Nicole Byer (who actually just got her first Netflix comedy special), Nailed It! is a baking competition that lets three amateur bakers compete against each other to replicate some cool-looking baking creations that have taken hours to mold and carefully construct. Only these bakers don’t have that much experience, and they only have a little bit of time to recreate it. 

I’ve personally always adored Nailed It because it makes me feel like my baking is not that bad in comparison to some of the crazy creations that are featured on this show, and Nailed It! Holiday is just as zany. From entertaining creations of Santa that looks like he was melting to penguins that have the most miserable look on their faces, these bakers try their damndest to make these cookies or cakes look good - often falling apart at the seams. 

However, Nailed It! Holiday is the perfect show to watch if you not only want a little bit of inspiration, but a bit of a self-esteem boost, because if these people can bake these monstrosities, surely you can bake that pre-packaged bag of cookie dough. Definitely one of the best baking shows out there. 

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One of the creations in Sugar Rush Christmas.

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Sugar Rush Christmas (Netflix)

In this spinoff of the baking show, Sugar Rush Christmas puts four bakers up against each other in the ultimate, high-stakes bake-off, participating in three rounds. We get to see Christmas-themed cupcakes, jolly confections, and high-flying cakes worthy of Rudolph himself, with one group getting eliminated each round. In the end, the winning pair receive $10,000. 

I absolutely love Sugar Rush Christmas. While I do like the wackiness of Nailed It! Holiday, I’ve always had a personal place in my heart for this show because it truly takes so much skill to do what these competitors do. They have so little time to create and bake these amazing creations and yet somehow, nine times out of ten, they always end up looking fantastic. 

Another thing I love about Sugar Rush Christmas are the types of things they create, from interesting combinations of flavors when it comes to cupcakes, to intricately designed sugar art, to fantastical cakes. There’s so much here to love and unpack, and for fans who need some inspiration, this is one of the best to watch. 

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One of the creations in the Holiday Gingerbread Showdown.

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Holiday Gingerbread Showdown (Discovery Plus)

In this Food Network show, Holiday Gingerbread Showdown is exactly what you would expect it to be - several artists, whose specialty is gingerbread, come together to battle for the crown of the ultimate gingerbread champion. Whoever can build the best gingerbread house - or, rather gingerbread anything - wins $25,000, as well as having an article done on them in the Food Network Magazine.

I feel like when it comes to gingerbread houses, we always need a little help. I love the Christmas season, from Christmas movies to singing to even shopping for presents, but gingerbread houses is always the one thing I sorta fall flat on. But the Holiday Gingerbread Showdown fixes that right away. Not only does it give you inspiration for your own little gingerbread houses, but these baking creations are fantastic. 

I don’t mince words when I say that. I’m dead serious. Sometimes I stare at these in wonder and think how on earth could this all be made of gingerbread? Even better, how on earth is all of this edible? I’m the person who would probably use hot glue to somehow stick my gingerbread walls together and yet these people make these all edible. I’m in awe of their talent. 

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The judges in the Great British Baking Show: Holidays.

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The Great British Baking Show: Holidays (Netflix)

This popular Netflix show is always a hit. The Great British Baking Show follows a group of bakers, typically four, who are competing to see who is the ultimate baker. In this spinoff of the show, the judges critique the bakers on their creativity with their Christmas and holiday concoctions, from their talented cupcakes to realistic food cakes to anything else. 

I feel like it was only a matter of time before The Great British Baking Show got a holiday spinoff, and it’s just as fun as the original. I think what makes The Great British Baking Show: Holidays such a fun show to watch is not even just for the baking. Yes, these creations are really cool and you will get inspiration, but what I love about it is the personalities behind the baking. 

The bakers are often very personable, sharing their stories and saying what baking means to them, while also including some entertaining and shady moments that keep the viewers on their toes. The judges are some of the best critical yet hilarious ones I’ve seen on TV yet, and they make me want to keep watching with their charming charisma, valued criticism of the baking creations, and more. 

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An example of the cookies in Christmas Cookie Challenge.

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Next up, we have the Christmas Cookie Challenge. In this fun competition show, a couple of bakers are chosen to show off their baking skills, with the chance of winning $10,000 if named the champion. With themes of all kinds and endless creativity, it’s a race to see who is the ultimate holiday cookie master. 

Look - we all make Christmas cookies. Of Hanukkah cookies. Or Kwanzaa cookies - heck, any kind of cookie during the holidays. Usually, they’re simple and easy to make and a crowd-pleaser no matter who you serve. The Christmas Cookie Challenge takes it to another level with some of these cookies. 

Some of these cookies are baked into trees, or become cars, or houses - sometimes I’m still stunned that these are regular cookies and not just gingerbread because it’s impressive what’s done with just a little bit of cookie dough. It makes me want to learn how to cook and bake more because I want to create these crazy creations.

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Maya Rudolph and Andy Samberg in Baking It.

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Baking It (Peacock)

Watch two of the most hilarious comedians in today's TV world turn to hosting a holiday baking championship. In Baking It, Maya Rudolph and Andy Samberg have several baking teams compete against each other to create some of the most wonderfully-themed baking items you could imagine, all from the hilarious themes that are given to them. In the end, the team who ends up winning takes home a good amount of money. 

While Baking It feels like every other baking show, having the same amount of contestants go against each other and make it 'till the end to win the ultimate prize, what really makes this such a good one to binge are the hosts themselves. I need to see Maya Rudolph and Andy Samberg host way more baking competitions because these two are surprisingly good at it and have great chemistry. The creations that the bakers come up with too are really cool and will definitely give you some inspiration for your next baking session. 

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The judges in the Holiday Baking Championship.

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Holiday Baking Championship (Discovery Plus)

Lastly, we have the Holiday Baking Championship. This yearly competition brings several bakers together to make interesting holiday treats, full of different types of quirks and cool decorations, all culminating in the opportunity to be crowned the Holiday Baking Champion - and possibly win $50,000. 

If you want the ultimate baking show to watch during the holidays, this is the one. While a lot of the other choices on this list focus on one baking treat or have a smaller competition, this is the Godfather version of baking competitions. Featuring a nice panel of judges and super talented bakers, the types of things that are created in this show blow me away each year I watch it. 

I mean, Saturday Night Live even did a parody of it with comedy legend himself, Eddie Murphy. That’s how you know it’s an amazing show.

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God, just writing about this is making me hungry. While you find some good new baking shows to watch and ring in the holiday season, I’m going to go and attempt to make gingerbread from scratch. Now, where was my flour again? 

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