How Netflix's Sugar Rush Christmas Recreated The Holiday Magic For Season 2 Of Baking Competition


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Netflix's hit baking competition show Sugar Rush is back for another round of holiday fun thanks to Season 2 of Sugar Rush Christmas. The treats come with a festive twist on Sugar Rush Christmas, and Season 2 includes expert bakers crafting everything from Peanuts Christmas special cupcakes to beautiful aurora borealis confections to North Pole cakes topped with polar bears. According to Sugar Rush Christmas executive producer Doneen Arquines, the show had a sweet spot in the not-so-sweet 2020 to make the holiday magic happen for Season 2.

The second season of Sugar Rush Christmas actually premiered before Christmas, with the episodes filming well in advance. The episodes also don't feature any of the bakers or judges social distancing or wearing masks, which have become the norm in recent months. Executive producer Doneen Arquines spoke with CinemaBlend about how Sugar Rush Christmas recreated Christmas and produced a whole new season in 2020:

It was filmed last year, right before the pandemic. Like literally the week before… It's funny because I think we were still coming off of the Christmas season a little bit from last year. So, you know, in February, there are still Christmas things left over in stores and it wasn't that difficult, really, to kind of get into that spirit. It's cool outside, as cool as it can get in Los Angeles. And everybody still has their, you know, Christmas sweaters and pajamas left over from the previous months. So it actually was pretty easy and it was fun to kind of extend it a little bit.

Sugar Rush Christmas was able to avoid the filming shutdowns that brought the entertainment industry all but to a standstill back in March 2020, and the timing was apparently just right. Not only did they finish filming right before the pandemic, but Christmas spirit was still going strong. While Christmas may be December 25 on the calendar, the Christmas season can more or less last from November until well into the new year.

An episode of Sugar Rush Christmas Season 2 even decks the judges (including guest judge Chris Bosh) out in Christmas jammies to look cozy and comfortable as they awaited their treats, which would honestly be a pretty sweet gig in more ways than one! According to Doneen Arquines, the show goes above and beyond to bring holiday cheer to the set, even in ways that viewers don't necessarily get to see in episodes:

Well, I think the fun part for Sugar Rush, especially for the Christmas season, we really deck it out. There's Christmas trees everywhere, I mean, they're fully decorated with ornaments. You don't get to normally see all the detail but it's really well done. And we even have a snow machine behind the judges that is, you know, blowing snow the entire day. That kind of adds to the magic and the fun of the set.

Sugar Rush goes all out in embracing the Christmas theme with the decorations as well as the treat assignments to the bakers vying for the $10,000 prize in each episode. Season 2 proves that no space is too small to spice up with a Christmas tree, garland, and/or string of lights, and I think it's safe to assume that the snow machine makes it a whole lot easier to imagine that the set is a real winter wonderland. Even the bakers themselves are usually wearing something in the Christmas spirit.

Plus, if you ever want to see NBA star Chris Bosh wearing extra long Christmas pajamas to sample baked goods, look no further than Sugar Rush Christmas. Doneen Arquines shared that Bosh was actually a standout guest judge of Season 2 because he "had that infectious energy and he was really excited about everything that he was seeing" as the dad of some kids who love to bake. Arquines also explained why Sugar Rush Christmas is a good option for viewing this holiday season:

I've been bingeing everything holiday. And I think it's just one of those things where it's a great family viewing. My niece loves the show, and I think the whole family will sit down and watch together and it's just lighthearted and fun, and I think you can be inspired too, especially at this time where making Christmas cookies and things like that is big right now. Having that, watching other people making things kind of inspires you to want to do it yourself.

Whether you're a baker, aspiring baker, or just somebody still wearing their own Christmas pajamas and looking for something to watch, Sugar Rush Christmas could be an ideal option. On top of the baking hijinks as the teams of two compete against the clock as well as other teams, Season 2 showcases some fun celebrity guests.

In addition to Chris Bosh, Sugar Rush Christmas features Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon, chocolatier and pastry chef Valerie Gordon, Pretty Little Liars alum Sasha Pieterse, Grammy-nominated singer Jordin Sparks, and Little Miss Sunshine star Abigail Breslin. Not to mention Snoopy! The big question, however, is simple: should viewers binge Sugar Rush Christmas or pace themselves? Doneen Arquines shared her perspective:

Well, that's a good question. I think it depends on who you are. I think it could work both ways. I think, probably for kids I might pace it out a little bit if I was, you know, trying to keep them entertained over the course of a couple of days, pace it out a little bit. But I think maybe if you're an adult, and don't have children, it doesn't hurt to binge 'em all.

Between Sugar Rush Christmas Season 1 and Season 2, there are 12 episodes of festive baking goodness, which should last long enough to keep kids busy for a while and/or span a good binge-watch. There are also three seasons of Sugar Rush that can be watched on top of the Christmas version of the series. You can find all things Sugar Rush streaming on Netflix now. In case you're still undecided, take a look at the trailer:

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