Howie Mandel Explains Why He May Enjoy His New Netflix Game Show Even More Than Deal Or No Deal

Howie Mandel on Bullsh*t: The Game Show
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Howie Mandel is a notable TV show host known for Deal or No Deal and America’s Got Talent. Recently, though, he made his way to Netflix in the form of a new game show, and it sounds like it may be a better gig than Deal or No Deal. Mandel is now the host of Bullsh*t the Game Show.

In Bullsh*t, contestants have to answer a difficult trivia question correctly, but it also involves lying in order to win. Mandel explained to E!’s Daily Pop the difference between his new series and Deal or No Deal, and why he may enjoy being on Bullsh*t more than the latter. He said:

I have not loved anything as much, if not more, than Deal or No Deal in my entire career until Bull came along. On Deal or No Deal, I really couldn't play along because I don't know what's going on. I just waited to see what was in the case. In this one, I get to sit back like the audience member and listen to this person pontificate on something, and just try to—‘How the heck does she know what she's talking about?' I get to play along.

Bullsh*t the Game Show is a very new show, so Howie Mandel has some very different challenges and opportunities than he handled on Deal or No Deal. He can be part of the action in a way that wasn't possible on the other show, and he's clearly a fan.

Currently, Bullsh*t sits at #5 on Netflix’s Top 10 chart for shows, with ten episodes. Howie Mandel is definitely not the only one enjoying the series, so it will be interesting to see whether it can match Deal or No Deal’s run of seven seasons. Though for now, it looks like people are just enjoying watching others lie in order to win some money. 

Bullsh*t also isn’t the only game show doing well on Netflix right now. Season 4 of the popular social media competition The Circle just released, and it’s sitting just above Mandel’s show at #4.

It’s nice to see that Howie Mandel is returning to a game show following Deal or No Deal’s end in 2019. He's certainly doing much better than when he passed out in a Starbucks late last year, due to dehydration and low blood sugar. Mandel knows what he’s doing, and being a game show host seems to be second nature to him.

Meanwhile, Mandel continues to be a judge on America’s Got Talent as well as Canada’s Got Talent. He is definitely keeping busy between shows. Perhaps he can find a new contestant on one for the others? It would be a treat to see some of the contestants on AGT try their hand at lying through their teeth on Bullsh*t, or vice versa. Who knows? Maybe someone on the Netflix series has some serious talent.

Catch all ten episodes of Bullsh*t the Game Show now on Netflix, and be sure to check out what else is coming to the streaming platform in 2022.

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