I Saw Hasan Minhaj’s Stand-Up Special Live: 3 Big Reasons Fans Should Be Pumped To Stream It On Netflix

Hasan Minhaj talking to the camera in his stand-up special The King's Jester.
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For the last year Hasan Minhaj, the former Daily Show correspondent turned host of Netflix’s Patriot Act, has been on the road with his stand-up tour The King’s Jester. I have been a fan of the comedian since his last stand-up special Homecoming King. When I walked into the theater I was not prepared for what I was about to see. Minhaj’s show is a tight, well-rehearsed, and biting couple hours of comedy, and it will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Luckily, all of you will get to watch The King’s Jester soon on Netflix, and I not only think it will impress just about anyone who watches it, I think it will join the ranks of the funniest stand-up specials on the streamer

From telling stories about his family and meditating on the struggles of fame and ego, Minhaj pulls no punches and leaves everyone both laughing and thinking throughout his show. He dives into stories about his Netflix show Patriot Act, and he manages to bring the audience on a complex and satirical journey through the last few years of his life. Here are three reasons I think you should be excited to watch The King’s Jester.

Hasan Minhaj Is A Master Storyteller

This was true of Homecoming King, but when I saw The King’s Jester, I quickly realized just how incredible Minhaj is at creating a world and characters that all weave together into a true, funny and fascinating story. 

For example, my favorite story he told was about a defamation kerfuffle Patriot Act got into after doing an episode that exposed hedge funds and private equity companies. He took us through the entire experience, describing moments in extreme detail. Without giving too much away, Minhaj was able to tell an intense and complex story about defamation of all things, and he kept the audience engaged and cracking up the whole time. It takes someone seriously gifted to tell an informative and entertaining story about such a complex and typically confusing topic.

We Get Some Stories About His Time Making Netflix’s Patriot Act

Minhaj used to host the popular Netflix series Patriot Act and when it got canceled fans were passionate about voicing their disagreement with Netflix’s decision. This cancellation was contentious and mysterious. Minhaj was not afraid to speak his opinions on his show, no matter what consequences could come. This led him into some precarious situations, for example, the Saudi government wanted the streamer to remove an episode of Patriot Act.

In The King’s Jester, Minhaj gets into it all. From the show’s cancellation to the honestly terrifying situations he ended up in, he also explains the riveting reason why the show got the name Patriot Act. He really doesn't hold back, and it’s fun to get an inside look into his popular and at times controversial Netflix series. 

King’s Jester Is Satirical But Also Incredibly Sincere 

While this show is clearly satirical and hits all the funny beats, it’s also incredibly sincere. Minhaj uses his comedic timing and political savviness to introduce a topic and get us into it. Then he takes the story to a sincere and serious place to make a vital point. 

For example, he tells a story about a hate crime he experiences. As a Muslim America, the discrimination he has faced is intense and scary. He tells this story of a hate crime in a funny way, but once you realize what he’s talking about the reality of the situation sets in, and you are left pondering everything he’s said and the complexities of the situation he just described. He also does this with stories about social media, his ego, his family, and more. It’s both hilarious and profound. 

Minhaj has mastered the art of stand-up comedy, and The King’s Jester is a clear example of that. I highly, highly recommend checking it out; it’s one of the best stand-up routines I’ve personally seen. You can watch Hasan Minhaj’s spectacular stand-up special with a Netflix subscription on October 4, as part of Netflix’s October releases

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