Netflix Is Building Up Its Reality TV Slate By Rebooting A Former Network TV Hit

Anderson Cooper on The Mole
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Netflix has built an extensive catalogue of original TV content, with shows like Stranger Things, Bridgerton and Squid Game having become pop culture juggernauts. But the streamer has also been dipping its toe into the realm of reality TV as of late and has seen a fair amount of success in that area. Well, it would appear that the company is looking to bump up its reality TV ranks with another show. And surprisingly enough, said production is a reboot of a former network TV hit from the 2000s: The Mole

That’s right, Netflix has ordered a 10-episode revival of the classic reality game show. Per Variety, the series will follow the lead of the Belgian series Del Mol. That series hailed from the minds of Bart De Pauw, Michel Vanhove, Michiel Devlieger, and Tom Lenaerts. The reboot may come as a bit of a surprise to some but, per the trade, speculation about a revamp kicked off last summer after the streamer added the first two seasons of the OG show. As of right now, details like potential hosts or a release window have not been revealed.

The first American version of the game show premiered on ABC in early 2001 and aired for five seasons before concluding in 2008. During its run, the program featured three hosts: Jon Kelley, Ahmad Rashād and Anderson Cooper (who can be seen above). The game would see 12 people team up and add to a money pot that one contestant would win by the end of the game. While competing in various challenges, the players would also have to contend with “the mole,” a person tasked with throwing a wrench into their money-making efforts. Ultimately, at the end of the game, the saboteur would be outed by the winner.

So far, Netflix has a pretty eclectic lineup of game shows that includes The Circle (a show you should know a few things about), Sing On! and Bullsh*t the Game Show. There’s also Floor Is Lava, which dropped its second season earlier this summer. The newly announced Mole reboot could be a nice addition to the slate and provide the streamer with something that’s on par with the programs offered by some of its broadcast TV counterparts.

Meanwhile, The Mole’s former TV home has made some major content moves over the past year. Several months ago, ABC cancelled a slew of game shows such as The Celebrity Dating Game, Card Sharks and the Alec Baldwin-hosted Match Game. Nevertheless, the alphabet network still has plenty of tried-and-true hits like The $100,000 Pyramid, Press Your Luck and the always-popular Celebrity Family Feud.

I’m curious to see how things progress with Netflix’s take on the former ABC show. Though some people might view it as corny today, there was a charm to it. Also, it was just downright fun at times. We’ll see if the mega streamer can recapture some of the energy that made the show so unique. 

Be sure to grab a Netflix subscription so that you can stream The Mole when it debuts. While you wait for it, you can also check out CinemaBlend’s 2022 TV schedule, which includes game shows like Jeopardy!.

Erik Swann
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