Netflix's True Story Has An Awesome Throwback Reference To Wesley Snipes' Career That Fans May Have Missed

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Netflix’s True Story is a hit for the streamer, though that’s hardly a surprise given its leading men. Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes teamed up as a dynamic duo in this dramatic thriller, which is also jam-packed with nods to both actors’ careers. Some, like Hart playing a comedian from Philadelphia, are obvious, but there are also much more subtle ones that fans probably missed. True Story's creator Eric Newman is particularly proud of one reference involving the character Carlton, played by Snipes, which is a nod to Snipes’ blast-from-the-past movie Wildcats

For those who missed the moment, Wildcats gets some love when Gene, Kid’s superfan, approaches his brother Carlton with a newspaper clipping. It’s then we learn that Carlton was once a high school football star who earned a scholarship to play at Temple. As for the picture itself, Eric Newman explained to TVLine that the picture was taken from Wildcats, and the series licensed the photo from Paramount to use it for the scene. 

For those out of the loop, Wildcats released in 1986 as the first movie Wesley Snipes did, and was about a high school football team. Goldie Hawn starred as the daughter of a football coach desperate to coach her own team and got her wish by taking charge of an inner-city Chicago high school team. Check out the trailer for the movie, which also features another person known for working with Snipes: Woody Harrelson.

Wesley Snipes was well out of high-school-age when he filmed Wildcats, but props to True Story for squeezing this Easter egg in when the opportunity presented itself. It’s one of those nods that doesn’t necessarily enhance the story from a plot perspective but will definitely remain a fun bit of trivia as the show continues to rise in popularity. I must say, though, I’m kind of wishing Carlton was a vampire hunter back in his youth, just to see how willing the folks at True Story were to commit to these Easter eggs. 

True Story also features nods to Wesley Snipes movies like New Jack City and even mirrors experiences from Kevin Hart’s real life. One example that Hart mentioned to was the experience his character Kid has with a fan who uses offensive racial slurs while repeating back one of the comedian’s jokes. That happened to Hart in real life, though for those who saw the series, I don’t believe things played out quite the same way in real life as they did on the show. In any case, it’s cool to see a popular series loaded with these kinds of Easter eggs. 

True Story is currently available to stream on Netflix. Stream it right now to see what other Easter eggs there are to find and to be in on the conversation of one of the hottest shows on the streaming service.

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