Kevin Hart's New Netflix Series Has A Major Avengers Actor Cameo. Here's How It Happened

Kevin Hart in True Story
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Spoilers for Kevin Hart's True Story lie ahead, so read at your own risk.

If you’re used to seeing Kevin Hart only dolling out laughs, Netflix’s recent drop of True Story will have you seeing him in a whole new light. The limited series quickly secured a spot on Netflix’s Top 10 list, thanks in large part to its killer cast. Hart is joined by Blade star Wesley Snipes and Paul Adelstein, but there’s also a cameo from a major Avenger. Now, series creator Eric Newman reveals just how that came to be possible.

While the new show is definitely not based on a true story, there are elements that can make viewers do a double take. At first glance, the limited series does seem to be semi-autobiographical. Besides the obvious fact that Kevin Hart plays a well-known comedian-turned-movie star and businessman, Hart’s character, Kid, was also born and raised in Philly and he has the internal struggle of balancing family life with his career. But things got even more surreal when the show delivered a cameo from Marvel veteran Chris Hemsworth, who apparently made a movie with kid. 

Getting the Thor actor to make a cameo on the show sounds like it would be a massive feat. However, according to Eric Newman, during an interview with Insider, it was his connection with the Avengers star that made the cameo possible. Here’s what the Bright producer says, exactly regarding how things came together:

I was making the movie with Hemsworth at the time in Australia. … Interesting fact: that was the first footage we shot of 'True Story.’ We were shooting 'Spiderhead' and I asked if he'd do it and he said, 'Absolutely.'

With Chris Hemsworth's schedule being pretty tight and him being in Australia while working on Escape From Spiderhead, it probably would've been tough for him to film a cameo for a show filming in LA or Philly. So the cast and crew seriously lucked out when it came to securing him for the new Netflix series. And since Eric Newman says Hemsworth's cameo was the first footage ever shot for the production, it would seem they made his material a priority. I mean, once you have an Avenger, you really have to make the most of your time with them.

Sadly, there are no plans (at the moment) for Chris Hemsworth and Kevin Hart to actually act alongside each other. However, with Hart spreading his acting talents out and getting deeper into the action genre, the two stars' paths could indeed cross at some point in the near future.

True Story is streaming in its entirety right now on Netflix and, if you haven’t yet, keep an eye out for the Australian actor in the second episode. And Escape From Spiderhead isn’t too far away, as it's expected to release on Netflix this December.

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