Queen Charlotte's Brimsley And Reynolds Actors Share How Meaningful It Was To Play An LGBTQ+ Couple In The Bridgerton Universe

brimsley and reynolds in queen charlotte a bridgerton story
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Romance lovers with a Netflix subscription still seem to be pretty delighted by the newest addition to Bridgerton lore, Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. While the tale focuses on the feisty monarch in her younger days as she fell for the king, there’s another love story in the series which is getting a lot of attention from fans, and it also happens to add some LGBTQ+ representation to the world. That romance involves Queen Charlotte cast members Sam Clemmett and Freddie Dennis as footmen Brimsley and Reynolds, respectively, and both actors have shared how meaningful it was to have their story in the franchise.

What Did The Brimsley And Reynolds Actors Say About Their Queen Charlotte LGBTQ+ Romance?

I’m one of the many viewers who watched the new show and adored it, and while Charlotte and George’s confession of love was romantic, I also happened to think that, overall, the drama was pretty sad. One of the reasons for that is definitely the relationship between Brimsley and Reynolds, which ends without any explanation for the audience. However, the stars recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about their story, with Clemmett noting how “empowering” it was for the actors:

We're both very, very proud to be able to tell the first LGBTQIA+ story within the Bridgerton-verse. And Shonda [Rhimes] has written these two very, very rich characters. It was a very empowering process for us to tell their story. She's created such an inclusive and diverse world, so to be able to be a part of it, let alone tell their stories, has filled me with an immense sense of pride.

Even though many viewers are quite upset over how that romance ultimately played out on screen, the truth is people have been calling for an LGBTQ+ storyline in this universe for quite some time. Ever since Season 1 of the parent show revealed that Benedict Bridgerton was quite accepting of a gay couple, with one of those gentlemen being a friend of his, and his involvement in a very sexually open art scene, fans have been wondering about Benedict's sexuality

We have yet to get an answer to that question, but at least Queen Charlotte has opened things up when it comes to other characters and the LGBTQ+ community. As Dennis added, this is a franchise that’s basically become synonymous with diversity:

Bridgerton is famous for its inclusivity and diversity. It's an immense privilege, and we are filled with such pride to bring an LGBTQ+ story to a period drama. People have to feel represented by what they're watching on screen. The society within which we live should be reflected in what people see.

It’s clear that both actors are glad that they had the opportunity to bring Brimsley and Reynolds to the screen, and so are fans of the series.

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