Selena Gomez's Only Murders In The Building Has Added A Suicide Squad Vet To Shake Things Up In Season 2

Mabel standing in pantry in Only Murders in the Building
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Hulu’s murder mystery comedy Only Murders In the Building is gearing up for a second season following a shocking cliffhanger in the Season 1 finale. The series starring Selena Gomez, Steve Martin and Martin Short broke some records on the streamer and now Cara Delevingne is joining in the fun for Season 2.

The Suicide Squad vet has been cast as sophisticated art world insider Alice for the upcoming second season, according to Variety. Just like the main trio, she becomes obsessed with the mystery surrounding the Arconia, likely the one that has to do with the trio becoming lead suspects in yet another murder. 

Season 1 ended with Mabel, Oliver and Charles enjoying themselves and moving on after Tim Kono’s murderer was finally caught. However, whilst celebrating, Oliver and Charles received a text to get out of the building and when they found Mabel, she was leaning over a dead woman’s body, covered in blood. And the three were arrested.

So just how could Alice fit into the storyline? She is an art world insider, so she could have an eye for things better than other people. Noticing details no one else can, perhaps? She could be a new resident at the Arconia or related to the murdered woman, meaning her relationship with the arrested trio is up in the air depending on how she’s connected to the whole thing.

Cara Delevingne as enchantress in suicide squad

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It will definitely be interesting to see how Cara Delevingne comes into the storyline, but it will be a treat for fans for her to hopefully interact with Selena Gomez, Steve Martin and Martin Short. Though fingers crossed that Alice is here to help Mabel, Charles and Oliver and not hurt them. Maybe she can continue their podcast while they’re unable to? 

Season 1 of Only Murders In the Building broke some major records for Hulu. Craig Erwich, who deals with the streamer’s original content, had revealed that the series is by far the most-watched comedy in the history of Hulu as a streaming service. With all of the promo that the streamer did for it, and the A-list cast that even included Sting, Jane Lynch and Tina Fey in guest roles, it’s not surprising that it has been so successful. Add on the true crime factor and it’s a top series.

The second season of Only Murders has begun filming, per Selena Gomez’s unamused TikTok of her and her co-stars, so it’s only just a matter of time before we start seeing Cara Delevingne in the picture! There isn’t any word on when the upcoming season will premiere, but fans can expect it to come out some time in 2022. For what has officially already been scheduled for 2022, check out our winter and spring premiere schedule.

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