Star Trek: Prodigy: 9 Questions We Have Before The Series Returns

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Star Trek: Prodigy midseason finale “A Moral Star, Part 2.” Read at your own risk!

Star Trek: Prodigy just completed its midseason finale, which means there’s a wait for fans before the series returns for new episodes. That’s a huge shame for those keeping up with the series, of course, as the show gave fans some incredible reveals along the way. 

As is often the case with incredible reveals, there are a lot of questions we need addressed in the next batch of episodes, or sometime down the line. Here are some of the major things on our mind, especially after that huge reveal the actual Admiral Janeway (who we'd love to see in live-action) is out searching for the Protostar.

Zero and Gwyn on Star Trek: Prodigy

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Will Gwyn Remember The Story Of Solum? 

The Diviner’s revelation that he’s a time-traveler, and Vau N'Akat have yet to make First Contact with Starfleet was a big moment for Star Trek: Prodigy, albeit one that Gwyn instantly forgot. Luckily, seeing Zero’s form in the Starfleet badge didn’t drive her to madness, though she’s apparently forgotten her father’s story that Starfleet’s appearance ultimately led the Vau N’Akat to destroy themselves and Solum in a brutal civil war. Should Gwyn remember that event (and it seemed like there was a tease she could), how will she react to the team visiting Solum? 

Dal on Star Trek: Prodigy

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Is Dal Best-Suited For The Role Of Captain? 

Star Trek: Prodigy’s Hologram Janeway referred to the young crew as “prodigies,” and towards the end of the episode it even seemed like we got a tease they could head in different directions in terms of roles should they join Starfleet. There’s even a chance they change roles while still together on the ship, which brings to question if Dal is truly the best person to be captain. I guess we’ll wait and see, though I think just about everyone on the ship could feasibly lead, even Jankom Pog. The question is, though, if Dal can’t lead, what else can he do? 

Chakotay and Janeway Star Trek: Prodigy

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Where Is Chakotay? 

The actual Admiral Janeway appearing on Star Trek: Prodigy was thrilling enough, but what about the fact she’s searching for Chakotay? Viewers saw Robert Beltran’s Chakotay briefly in a corrupted Protostar video surveillance, and obviously, something was amiss. At the same time, it wasn’t known when that event occurred, and what became of him. Now, we know that Janeway is searching for her First Officer, which may imply his disappearance is somewhat recent, though, maybe not? Obviously, there’s a lot more story here, but hopefully, some answers on Chakotay will come in the next batch of episodes.

Admiral Janeway on Star Trek: Prodigy

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How Will Admiral Janeway Respond To The Protostar Crew? 

Admiral Janeway only just became aware of the location of the Protostar, so she likely has no idea exactly what’s happening onboard. One has to wonder what she’ll think, however, when she discovers that a group of Cadet-aged non-Starfleet aliens is running a super powerful starship? I can’t imagine she’ll be as thrilled to teach and as understanding as Hologram Janeway, though she might surprise us. The Hageman brothers told CinemaBlend Janeway will act as a semi-antagonist in the next episodes, so perhaps that’s a clue she won’t be thrilled about finding Dal and the gang?

Rok-Tahk and Murf on Star Trek: Prodigy

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Will Rok-Tahk Find Her Way Out Of Security Officer Duties? 

When it came time for the Star Trek: Prodigy crew to choose their crew roles, Rok-Tahk got Security Officer by default. After all, she’s the strongest on the ship by far, and the physically strongest person should get the role, right? Rok doesn’t seem to think so, and thanks to her depressingly-long time when everyone got stuck in the time distortion. The upside is she seems to be way more knowledgeable on engineering than she was previously, which opens a new door for path on the ship for her. 

Hologram Janeway and Zero in Star Trek: Prodigy

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Who Created The Protostar?

The Protostar is an insanely powerful ship that has game-changing implications for Starfleet, but like the USS Discovery, it appears to be one of a kind. I am really curious to learn the origins of this ship, and how it came to be. What exactly made Starfleet commission such a ship, and why isn’t it used in the future? I guess I can’t say with certainty that’s true just yet, but we haven’t seen any ships that travel in the same way the Protostar travels in its era or the future just yet. 

Hologram Janeway in Star Trek: Prodigy

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Will Janeway Find Chakotay?

Admiral Janeway is on the search for Chakotay, and while she has a crew at her side and the resources of Starfleet, it’s unclear whether or not she’ll find her First Officer. After all, her only real lead is the Protostar, and unless there’s some secret room he’s hiding in, he isn’t there. In fact, he seemed to be long gone by the time Dal uncovered the ship, which raises questions about just how long he’s been missing. Truthfully though, that’s all relative, and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if there’s some more time travel involved in all of this. 

The Diviner in Star Trek: Prodigy

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Can The Diviner Be Brought Back From Madness? 

The Diviner might be an objectively awful father and terrifying person, but man, was his fate pretty rough. Now he’s left to rambling on a desolate rock while the Star Trek: Prodigy crew head elsewhere to try and find Starfleet and join up. It’s a somewhat downer ending for the character, especially considering he’s Gwyn’s father. I wanted to see more between the two, so I’m hoping the Diviner can somehow find his way back from madness. We need to hear more about Gwyn’s story, plus, all the events that led to his eventual time travel. 

Ella Purnell on Star Trek: Prodigy

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Will There Be More Time Travelers?

Time travel isn’t something that Star Trek hits on a ton, though we’ve seen a lot of it in the new shows. Star Trek: Prodigy is just the latest show to feature time-traveling characters, as The Diviner traveled into the past with the hope of destroying Starfleet to prevent first contact with his homeworld from ever happening. We still don’t know how that time travel happened, and if more people from the past might arrive to meddle in the affairs of characters. I’m hoping the answer is yes if only to see what other parties from the future (or past) are interested in the power of the Protostar

Star Trek: Prodigy’s first 10 episodes are available to stream right now with a Paramount+ subscription. Trek fans looking for something new certainly should give this one a try, even if they don’t have a child to watch with them.

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