Star Trek: Strange New World's Anson Mount Confirms Season 1 Wrapped, When To Expect Footage

Christopher Pike in Star Trek: Short Treks
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Star Trek fans were exposed to a lot of new details and visual content thanks to New York Comic-Con, but only from select franchise shows such as Star Trek: Discovery and the upcoming animated Prodigy series. Strange New Worlds was still putting the finishing touches on filming pickup shots, but Captain Pike actor Anson Mount has now confirmed the production process is officially over. With filming wrapped, can fans expect to see a trailer or more information on the Paramount+ series soon? 

Basically, it depends on your definition of "soon." Anson Mount updated fans via a video shared by Paramount+, and shared about as many details as he could during these still-early days ahead of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' debut. He even teased when some footage for the streaming series will arrive, though I’m not entirely sure fans will like the answer.

That’s it guys, that is an official wrap on Season 1 of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. I can’t believe that I’m saying that! It’s been such a journey. It has been an honor to work with this cast and with this crew. And, I just want to remind you that this is happening because of you, the fans. You made this happen, and we are so grateful for your support, for your continued support, for all of your well-wishes. So all of our footage now gets to go over to our incredible post-production team to begin their process. And, hopefully, we'll be getting something out to you sometime next year. [Laughs.] Not exactly sure when, but we'll figure it out, and we'll let you know. Again, thank you for giving us this opportunity, and we hope you like it!

The good news is that Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is one step closer to release. The somewhat bad news, as fans read above, is that there’s no real timetable yet for when to expect footage, at least beyond “sometime next year.” Even if he's literally talking about January 1, 2022, that’s still something of an agonizing wait for fans who are dying to see Trek return to a less serialized structure. Hopefully there will be a trailer or some extended footage not too long into 2022. Or perhaps some stills that won't need excess post-production magic. 

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds's crew is still chugging along behind the scenes, but it’s hard not to get a little bummed out ..when Discovery will cruise into Season 4 in November with a little pause during COVID lockdowns. Of course, Discovery lucked out in that it only had post-production to complete on Season 3 during lockdowns, which likely allowed them to air the season and return to production with a plan for Season 4 pretty quickly. Discovery did still have a shutdown (opens in new tab), but that didn’t slow things up too much for the upcoming episodes.

Even if the latest news from the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds front isn't entirely great, it’s not like fans are entirely in the dark about what to expect from the show. We know the general premise, and on Star Trek Day, we learned about the exciting return of other Star Trek characters that weren't previously confirmed to appear. Hopefully, the wait for more footage will be worth it and will satiate the wants of a vocal section of the Star Trek fandom that's been luke-warm on some of the new Trek shows. 

Check out Anson Mount delivering the news himself below!

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will likely debut on Paraount+ in 2022, and CinemaBlend will keep an ear to the ground for more details going forward. For more on Star Trek, read up about the new Ferengi that appeared in the latest Discovery Season 4 trailer, and join the growing online discourse about it. 

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