Stranger Things Season 4's Eddie Actor Revealed The Scene He's Most Proud Of, And Fans Will Probably Agree

eddie and chrissy in the woods on stranger things season 4
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Warning! Some SPOILERS ahead for Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 1. Come back once you’ve caught up on all the scary new adventures!

We knew that Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 1 would have a lot going on, but it’s likely that fans weren’t quite prepared for just how much our beloved monster fighters would be dealing with during the new episodes. As they’re now spread out across the world, one thing that viewers had to get used to is the large number of new Stranger Things Season 4 cast members. This includes Joseph Quinn, whose Eddie Munson quickly became a standout character. Now, Quinn has revealed the Stranger Things scene he’s most proud of, and I think many fans will agree with his thoughts on why it’s such a cool Eddie moment.

What Stranger Things Season 4 Eddie Scene Is Joseph Quinn Most Proud Of?

I think most Stranger Things fans will agree that no character has had a quicker turnaround than Joseph Quinn’s Eddie. He seemed like a bit of a jerk when we first met him, but by the Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 1 ending there were probably few viewers who weren’t very happy that he was still alive (though also still in a butt-load of trouble for that big death). Part of that about-face definitely entails the scene that Quinn told Netflix’s Tudum is the one he’s most proud of: Eddie’s meeting with Chrissy in the woods. Quinn said:

I just wanted to show someone that felt real. And what was so fun was doing that with someone that looked so extraordinarily kind of odd — to me, anyway. I think, as human beings, we’re all very multifaceted. There are situations we’re in where we feel like we can be very assertive and brave and bold and command space. And then there are situations where you don’t feel like that, and you can feel the opposite, but you’re still the same person...We all have different means of coping with being alive, and it’s all survival, really.

The moment comes shortly after we’ve met Eddie for the first time, where his seemingly ultra-confident Dungeon Master is full of bravado. But, as Quinn also noted, when we see Eddie with Chrissy in the woods, it’s clear that there’s a lot more to him, as he becomes immediately aware that she’s not in the best frame of mind and does everything in his power to lighten the mood for her. 

Like Quinn said, most people are “multifaceted” and have different sides of themselves that can come to the forefront depending on the situation they’re in. Eddie being bold during that cafeteria scene makes sense, because he’s talking to his people (fellow Hellfire club members), while him taking things down several notches for Chrissy shows that Eddie’s a decent dude who knows when to put his boldness aside. (I also happen to think that he had a crush on Chrissy at some point, but maybe that’s just me.)

Joseph Quinn already had a lot of great moments as Eddie, so here’s hoping we can expect the same from Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 2, which hits Netflix on July 1, and that Eddie won’t be yet another major Stranger Things death.

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