Wait, Is Christine Quinn Not Returning For Selling Sunset Season 6 After All?

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Over the years, on the real estate-meets-Real Housewives series Selling Sunset, Christine Quinn has gotten quite the reputation for being the “villain” of the show. It’s a label that she has denied both on and off camera. Yet, based on all of appearances, most of even her own co-stars seemed to genuinely dislike working with her. And after a pretty wild bribery allegation related to her concluded the latest season released by Netflix, it was reported, outside of the show, that she had exited the notorious Oppenheim agency for good. Quinn made claims that she might figure into Season 6 in some capacity, but is that really still the case?

The reality star had in fact implied that they just needed to get “creative” about her role – considering Selling Sunset follows Brett and Jason Oppenheim’s brokerage specifically and she opened her own cryptocurrency brokerage after she left. Her pitch was a “battle of the brokerages” and, apparently, she and a production team were in the midst of figuring out the logistics. However, in a new interview with The Guardian, Christine Quinn is seemingly singing a different tune altogether. She said toward the tail-end of the discussion:

I was part of a bigger machine over which I had no control. We were brainwashed robots, and I’m just so happy to be free.

Now, all in all, this could mean one of two things. It could mean that I’m reading way too far between the lines and that she's has washed her hands of the reality series entirely. Or two, maybe she’s just referring to her newfound freedom in the wake of her initial exit? Obviously, I’m leaning toward the former – because who actually wants to work somewhere that they felt like a “brainwashed robot,” if they don’t financially have to stay there?

Christine Quinn’s permanent absence wouldn’t exactly be the best thing for Netflix, though, now would it? In a lot of viewers’ opinions (including my own), Selling Sunset needs Quinn in order to sustain its popularity on the platform. I mean, she arguably made the show what it is. All those wild fashion choices? The spats with the other real estate agents on all five seasons?

Still, the 33-year-old has frequently taken to claiming that was all manufactured anyway because the storylines were fake. And those persistent claims allegedly caused the star to get fired as a cast member at one point, something she talks about in her new book, How to be a Boss Bitch. But the producers evidently brought her back into the fold, supposedly because they too knew she was TV gold and Selling Sunset’s money-maker.

Nevertheless, Christine Quinn has previously stated that it wasn’t always the best working environment for her. She said that the BTS behavior of one Selling Sunset executive producer in particular (who also happened to work on MTV’s Laguna Beach and The Hills in the past) was so bad that he was banned from being on set with the cast. Quinn echoed those same sentiments to The Guardian, saying that her problem isn’t with reality TV in general, it’s with the production company in charge of her show. In her view, it has “a lot of questions to answer [to].”

Selling Sunset hasn't been officially renewed just yet, although there are rumors that Season 6 and 7 have already been greenlit. If so, it’s clearly going to look a lot different than before, one way or another. Stay tuned to the 2022 Netflix TV schedule lineup for further updates.

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