Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn Calls Out Executive Producer For 'Horrifying' BTS Behavior

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Christine Quinn has officially exited the Oppenheim Group, a.k.a. the real estate agency featured on Netflix’s Selling Sunset. Whether that means she’s not going to be part of a potential sixth season of the drama-filled reality series is currently unknown. Quinn has lately called out one executive producer by name for “horrifying” behind-the-scenes behavior that she says she experienced on set firsthand.

Speaking on the Call Her Daddy podcast, the reality star doubled down on prior claims about the show being fake. However, she also wanted to clarify that it goes much deeper than that – into what she calls “intimidation tactics” – where the cast were allegedly forced into scenarios out of fear or exhaustion. Specifically, Christine Quinn revealed that there were several incidents involving Selling Sunset’s executive producer Adam DiVello (whose resume includes the likes of MTV’s The Hills and Laguna Beach). She said,

We have to look at what Adam DiVello has done as a whole, as a human being, as the person that he is. I mean, talk about The Hills. There's been complaints filed against him, multiple complaints, multiple complaints. And it's been sick. He actually told me to go fall down the stairs and kill myself at one point. ... In the context of me being too honest. That wasn't the first complaint I filed against him. There was another complaint where he, to this day, cannot actually step foot on set with any of the women in the office because of misconduct. It was extremely terrifying, you know, when he's screaming in my face. It was horrifying.

She stated that her previous comments to the press about what was real versus what was fake on Selling Sunset is what incited Adam DiVello to “berate” her. Supposedly, the producer also threatened her in the moment, and she said there were several witnesses present who can back up her account.

In addition, Christine Quinn alleged that there was “inappropriate sexual misconduct” by the exec, who also works on the spinoff series Selling Tampa. It wasn't clear if the reported misconduct involved her or someone else in the cast, but she did insinuate that Heidi Pratt (of The Hills fame) had made a similar claim against him in the past as well. Furthermore, Quinn alleged that despite facing repercussions for whatever seemingly transpired, Adam DiVello continued the behavior in other ways, saying,

This stuff does go on. This stuff does go on. And ever since then, he’s never been allowed to step foot with any of the women on set because of it. And he has shown retaliatory behavior toward me ever since. But even before that, he had his cast, he knew who his villain was going to be.

There were broader accusations made as well about the culture of working on Selling Sunset for the cast. Christine Quinn said that they were sometimes required to film certain scenes over and over for hours on end until they eventually gave in and said a certain word or phrase that producers wanted for a sound bite. She even claimed that there were many BTS “fights” with production concerning wardrobe, such as how the producers preferred her in a two-piece swimsuit instead of a one-piece, which she refused to do.

Apparently, too, Christine Quinn had told production ahead of Season 5 that she was in the process of opening her own brokerage. And in her view, she was led to believe that’s what would be the focus of her storyline – which obviously didn’t turn out to be the case. Not only that, Quinn added that the entire cast was led to believe before the first season that it was a show about empowerment and women in business. When asked by the host if Selling Sunset would’ve been as successful that way, Quinn responded,

I think the show could’ve been successful without the production company to which it was run by. Absolutely. I think it would’ve been so inspirational, and I think we could’ve played along with the drama.

Selling Sunset has yet to be renewed for by Netflix, but there were in fact early rumblings that two more might’ve been greenlit. Christine Quinn had revealed previously that she was open to creative ways for her to be in Season 6. Her pitch then was to have a “battle of the brokerages” setup between her new cryptocurrency agency and the Oppenheim Group. However, she said on the podcast that she still doesn’t know if she is coming back officially.

I know I want her to come back, for the fashion and candid tea if nothing else. We’ll keep you updated on any decisions that are made for Selling Sunset and the remainder of the 2022 Netflix TV schedule.

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