Why Star Trek: Prodigy Will Take A While Before Sharing More Post-Voyager Reveals For Chakotay

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Spoilers ahead for the Star Trek: Prodigy episode "Preludes," so read at your own risk!

Star Trek: Prodigy provided an update on what happened to Robert Beltran’s Chakotay following Voyager, and it was quite the reveal. Fans learned why the recommissioned Starfleet captain wasn’t with the Protostar when Dal and his friends found it as well as why it'll likely take a while before the Paramount+ series shares more updates on the character. 

While I provided a disclaimer above, I would like to reiterate that those who haven’t watched Star Trek: Prodigy’s “Preludes” using a Paramount+ subscription should proceed with caution. We’re going to be getting into some spoilers here. Of course, if you're fine with reveals and other major developments that hint at a long wait for more on Chakotay, definitely read on.

The Vindicator Revealed That Chakotay Is In The Future 

While Star Trek: Prodigy fans learned about Dal’s true identity in "Masquerade," it was also revealed that Cadet Ascencia of Vice Admiral Janeway’s ship wasn’t who she claimed to be. Ascencia is actually a Vau N’Akat known as The Vindicator, who was sent to the past just like The Diviner in an attempt to recapture the Protostar and destroy Starfleet. Because Diviner had lost his memories, Vindicator gave him a brief reminder of why he was sent back in time, and it involved a story that pertained to Chakotay's fate. 

After recapping the story of the destruction of Solum, The Vindicator revealed their fate changed when Chakotay, his crew, and the Protostar were accidentally transported to the future above Solum, thanks to a temporal anomaly. The Vau N’Akat survivors installed their Starfleet-destroying weapon on board, but a previously imprisoned Chakotay escaped and was able to send the ship back in time to an unknown location and ruin their plan. It came at a cost, though, as Chakotay and his crew are now stuck in the future on Solum and have no clear way back. It’s going to be hard for Prodigy to do more with the character moving forward unless there's some sort of surprise resolution in the remaining episodes. 

Janeway Is Too Busy Trying To Stop The Protostar, Who Is Trying to Avoid Her And Save Starfleet

Vice Admiral Janeway is unaware of Chakotay’s fate at the moment and is still concerned with tracking down the Protostar. Of course, this is exactly what The Vindicator and The Diviner want, as any Starfleet ship that successfully hails the Protostar will activate its weapon and corrupt their ship in the process. It’s important that Dal and the crew stay a couple of steps ahead of Janeway, which is no small task. Suffice it to say, the characters have been so preoccupied during this back half of this season that it seems unlikely that they’ll all drop everything and travel to the future to find Chakotay. 

The Showrunners Already Confirmed That Janeway And Chakotay’s Arc Is A Multi-Season Story

If you still don't believe that Season 1 is slowing things down when it comes to Chakotay, CinemaBlend spoke to Star Trek: Prodigy’s showrunners Kevin and Dan Hageman, who both confirmed that it would be a while before Voyager fans’ questions about Janeway and Chakotay would answered. After Dan confirmed that the two characters' shared storyline won’t be resolved during the first season, Kevin followed up with this: 

The good thing is it keeps going into Season 2! And we promise that we will deliver the goods. We’re not just going to tease people and frustrate them. That would be terrible on our part to do, right? But I think we’re going to embrace what the next chapter is between these two characters. A lot of fans are divided on what they want to see happen with Janeway and Chakotay. I feel like we in the writers' room really discussed it a lot. We discussed it with Kate and Robert, and I feel like we came to a wonderful place that we’re really excited to share. But know that it’s a Season 1 and 2 arc with those two.

Though it's pretty significant Star Trek: Prodigy has revealed Chakotay's location, I would still think that the chances of fans seeing him reunited with Janeway this season are slim to none. Honestly, other elements of the season have been so great that I’m not too concerned about it. Though that fact isn't going to make the wait for more on that storyline any easier.

Stream new episodes of Star Trek: Prodigy on Thursdays over at Paramount+. Also, be sure to check out Star Trek: Voyager, as the chatter surrounding Kate Mulgrew’s character returning to the live-action realm could signal that show could connect to a show like Picard in the year to come.

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