Will Prey Get A Sequel? Here’s What Amber Midthunder Thinks Of Predator’s Future

Amber Midthunder at the end of Prey
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The horror genre has been thriving for years, to the delight of moviegoers. And as the renaissance continues, some of the best horror movies returned thanks to new sequels. Following projects like Halloween and Scream, this trend continued with the acclaimed new movie Prey, which was released on Hulu. But will Prey get a sequel? Here’s what lead actor Amber Midthunder thinks of Predator’s future (or in this case, past).

The Predator franchise has been around since 1987, when the iconic villain first appeared on the big screen opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger. Prey served as a prequel to the entire property, set in 1719 and starring Native actors. That new release has been a huge success on Hulu, as well as a critical darling. As such, fans are wondering if we might get a sequel with Amber Midthunder reprising her role as Naru. She recently asked this by EW, responding honestly with:

I don't know what the plans are for the future, but I trust whatever decision is made. Dan [Trachtenberg] spent so long developing this with 20th Century. Obviously, all that time was used to make a really great thing. I'm sure that nobody would make something again, if it wasn't amazing. So I think whatever happens, I think it will be the right choice.

Well, there you have it. It looks like a ton of care was done with crafting and filming The Predator prequel Prey. And as such, Amber Midthunder wants to make sure that any follow-up is similarly “amazing.” But she has full faith in the movie’s director Dan Trachtenberg, who is also the movie’s story.

Amber Midthunder’s comments to EW come as she’s promoting her role on the FX dramedy series Reservation Dogs. But obviously the conversion turned to her star-making moment as Naru in Prey. Universal praise came at the horror flick, which some described as the best installment in the franchise since the original. What’s more, the movie was the biggest premiere in Hulu’s history, including its movies and TV shows.

Since there wasn’t all that much anticipation surrounding Prey before its release, this type of wild success is a testament to the contents of Dan Trachtenberg’s movie. And of course, the performance by Amber Midthunder was also a big part of selling this take on the Predator franchise. The 25 year-old actress responded to fans calling for a sequel, saying:

I've heard a lot of fans say that. I think it's very flattering. I didn't really think much about what would happen to the movie coming out. I was so focused on making the movie that I think to me, it was like, that was the finish line. I didn't have a lot of expectations, one way or the other, for it coming out. So, for people to respond so positively to that level, I just feel really humbled by it. I feel really excited.

We’ll just have to wait and see if 20th Century Studios moves forward with another Prey movie, following the first flick’s insane success on Hulu. It seems easy enough to continue the story; another two or more Predators come looking for their fallen comrade (who was played by actor Dane DiLegro) and run into Naru and her tribe. But this time she knows what to expect, and how to hunt the hunter. Fingers crossed it actually gets the green light.

Prey is streaming on Hulu now and Reservations Dogs airs on FX. Be sure to check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

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