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Robert Pattinson Revealed Wild Deep Cut For Fave Batman Villain, But Nic Cage Has His Own Unexpected Idea For A Villain Role

Nicolas Cage and Robert Pattinson
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When it comes to superhero movies, the antagonists are just as important as the protagonists, and that’s especially true when it comes to Batman movies. Fans are always eager to know who the vigilante will be facing in his cinematic outings. In Robert Pattinson’s The Batman, the Caped Crusader faces off with the likes of Paul Dano’s creepy Riddler and the boisterous Penguin (played by the unrecognizable Colin Farrell). Both are intriguing foes, but neither are quite as deep a cut as Pattinson’s favorite from the Bat’s rogues’ gallery. And if that weren’t enough, Nic Cage has his own wild idea for a future villain role. 

Batman possesses one of the most iconic rosters of bad guys in all of comics. The Joker, Two-Face, Bane and Ra’s al Ghul only scratch the surface in regard to the various criminals who’ve tormented Gotham City over the years. Fans might admit, however, that some have been a bit more “colorful” than others. This descriptor is more than appropriate when it comes to the costumed criminal that Robert Pattison named as his favorite while speaking with Brut México

There’s a bad guy in the animated series called Condiment King. … I just think it’s the greatest idea. It’s a guy who just sprays mustard and ketchup on people. I just think it’s such a great idea for a bad guy.

Batman: The Animated Series introduced a number of unique characters during its run, and Condiment King certainly stands alongside them. Introduced in the episode “Make ‘Em Laugh,” the baddie caused trouble at a restaurant, which brought him into conflict with the Caped Crusader. He was later discovered to be comedian Buddy Sadler, who’d been brainwashed by Joker as part of a revenge scheme. Although he was conceived as a one-off, an updated variation of the madman, named Mitchell Mayo, was later added to the comics. This version has also been featured in both The Lego Batman Movie and DC Super Hero Girls.

Condiment King on Batman: The Animated Series

(Image credit: Warner Bros. Television)

Interestingly enough, the ketchup and mustard-wielding baddie was meant to serve as a tribute to the vintage supervillains from the ‘60s Batman TV show. Even today, the love for Adam West’s classic show is still strong, as many hold it in high regard. Nicolas Cage is clearly one of those people, as he revealed to Fox 7 Austin that there’s a wacky antagonist from the series that he’d like to play in Robert Pattinson’s Batman franchise:

The villain that Vincent Price played on the ‘60s show: Egghead. I think I want to have a go with Egghead. I think I could make him absolutely terrifying, and I have a concept for Egghead. So let them know over at Warner Bros.

Vincent Price on Batman

(Image credit: Warner Bros. Television)

For those unfamiliar with the name, Egghead was created solely for the ‘60s series but like Condiment King, also found his way to the mainstream comics continuity. On the program, Vincent Price played the role in a playfully entertaining way, endearing the character to viewers in the process. The idea of Nic Cage taking on the role is very interesting, and I personally think his naturally eccentric nature is a solid fit for the role. We’ll have to wait and see if there’s mutual interest from Matt Reeves, though. 

The Batman seemed to set up two villains, and Robert Pattinson also has ideas about who his hero will “probably” face off with next. However, nothing seems set in stone just yet, meaning the door may not be totally closed for Condiment King and Egghead. Sure, the chances of them actually being used are slim but, hey, never say never, right?

As you speculate, check out The Batman in theaters to get a look at the excellent bad guys that were utilized. You can also check out our list of the greatest Batman: The Animated Series villains before streaming the show with an HBO subscription.

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