As hard as it may be to believe, Batman: The Animated Series actually turned 25 years old this week. The cartoon set a gold standard for classic DC animation that persists to this very day, and it served as a jumping off point for many kids (not to mention a few adults) to become bonafide Bat Fans. In honor of that deep iconography, we figured now would be the right time to dive in and discuss the 13 best villains ever to grace the classic show. Check out our list, and let us know your favorite Batman foe in the comments below!

13. Killer Croc

Sure, he was never the smartest Batman villain within Gotham City limits, but Killer Croc always made for some great fist fights and physical encounters. As one of The Dark Knight's strongest enemies, he helped keep Batman: The Animated Series as intense as a kids show can get. If nothing else, he deserves a spot on this list for uttering one of the best Batman lines of all time in the "Almost Got 'Im" story: "I threw a rock at him!"

12. Man-Bat

Most villains tend to represent dark reflections of their respective heroes in some form or another. That said, Dr. Kirk Langstrom took that idea a bit literally when he transformed himself into Man-Bat. Although he wasn't one of Batman's more frequently-faced foes, Langrstrom always stole the show in all of his appearances. Moreover, he earns a spot on this list because he was the first villain The Caped Crusader ever faced on Batman: The Animated Series, in the pilot episode "On Leather Wings."

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