The Batman’s Zoë Kravitz Reveals What She Wants To See In A Sequel, And It’s Not Another Villain

Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman in The Batman
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In every interpretation of the Batman mythos, there are certain hallmarks that appeal to the various viewers and collaborators engaging with the material. One of the greatest sources of interest is, naturally, the coterie of Batman villains that exist in the DCEU who are always ready to give Bruce Wayne’s alter ego a hard time. However, when it comes to actor Zoë Kravitz’s take on what she’d like to see in a sequel to The Batman, it isn’t another villain that interests her. Rather, it’s the further evolution of Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne, and the image he presents to the public.

It’s easy to forget the theatricality of Master Wayne’s public face has also been a sticking point throughout the history of Batman movies. The hype around The Batman further proves that point, as one of the most popular discussions has been about all the villains rumored to be in the film. As Zoë Kravitz explained to Fandango, Bruce’s journey to becoming Gotham’s golden boy excites her for the following reasons: 

I think because Bruce is such a recluse in this film, to see Bruce evolve into a person that knows he has to perform and be on a yacht with... that's a really fun journey to go on.

With The Batman literally taking place in the second year of Bruce’s caped crusade, there’s plenty of room for many of the franchise’s facets to be explored. Robert Pattinson himself seems to be on the same page as Zoë Kravitz, as his thoughts on potential sequels have also mentioned mapping his character’s psychology for at least two more films. Part of those plans could include charity balls, flamboyant business mergers and acquisitions, and of course enough champagne to fill Wayne Manor.

Psychology is probably the one word that sums up where a saga like The Batman makes its greatest impact. Bruce Wayne isn’t a super-powered being like Superman, where the drama lies in just what sort of powers you’d need to defeat a living god. The real conflict comes from the limits the Batman and Bruce Wayne personas are pushed towards. (Which may be one of the reasons why Robert Pattinson approves of a potential Robin storyline taking place during his potential tenure, as well.) 

Choosing the right villains is absolutely an important part of crafting a Batman movie, and should The Batman get a sequel, that discussion will be as hot as it’s always been. Acknowledging that fact, it should also be admitted that Zoë Kravitz’s excitement to see Bruce Wayne become a billionaire playboy in the public eye is something equally intriguing. Without a complex Bruce in play, the Batman archetype isn’t as effective; and no number of top notch villains could correct that. 

The shadow of The Batman looms over us all, growing greater with each passing day. At least, that’s the case until the film debuts in theaters on March 4th, as part of the numerous 2022 movie releases headed our way. If you’re a mega fan of the DC Comics cinematic stable, then you should definitely take a look at the upcoming DC movies rundown, as that will point out what other super antics are coming throughout the next couple of years. 

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