The Flash Boss Reveals His ‘Hope’ For Barry And Iris Before The End Of The Series

Jessica Parker Kennedy's XS and Jordan Fisher's Impulse in The Flash
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The Flash Season 8 finale delivered its huge Reverse-Flash twist and other big moments a month ago, and while The Flash Season 9 is on the way, it won’t air on The CW until sometime in 2023. At this point, it’s unclear if the ninth season will be the final one for the adventures of Barry Allen and his friends and family, or if this DC TV show could make it to ten seasons. Either way, showrunner Eric Wallace is looking to accomplish certain goals before The Flash ends, and that includes Barry and Iris West-Allen conceiving at least one of their children.

Future versions of Barry and Iris’ children, Nora and Bart, have factored into The Flash mythos since the earlier version of Jessica Parker Kennedy’s Nora West-Allen was introduced in Season 4. Thanks to their ages being mentioned at certain points in the series’ run, we know that Nora is born around 2023, and Jordan Fisher’s Bart will follow seven years later. So on the subject of if at least Nora will be conceived before The Flash is over, if not Bart too, Eric Wallance simply said:

I hope!

I highly doubt that The Flash will still be running (pardon the pun) into 2030, taking us to roughly 16 seasons, as not even Supernatural hit that number. So unless there’s a flash forward to over half a decade from now now, it seems unlikely that Bart’s conception, let alone his birth would be touched on in The Flash. Nora, on the other hand, is a different story, because unless some retconning is coming up, she’s supposed to be born next year! Granted, just because The Flash Season 9 won’t air until 2023 doesn’t mean that the season’s events couldn’t at least start back in 2022, but still, we’re coming to a point where this needs to be addressed.

However, as Eric Wallace added in his chat with TV Line, since he doesn’t know when The Flash will come to an end, he has to always act as those this TV journey could come to an end at any point, which affects how he tackles plot arcs. In his words:

I don’t know how much time I have. I have to always write as if it’s the final season, but hope it’s not. I’ve been in that position for two years — going back to the end of Season 7, when we had [WestAllen] renew their vows — and I’m in the same position now. So let’s just call it ‘a friendly challenge’ for myself and the writers.

With Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow having been cancelled earlier this year, and the revelation that Superman & Lois has been set on a different Earth, that leaves The Flash as the only CW series still set in the main Arrowverse continuity. Some teases have been set up for Season 9, like Season 6 baddie Bloodwork coming back, as well as the Season 8 finale setting up things like Cecile getting telekinesis and a mysterious blue crystal being shown in a lab in 2049, potentially setting up the Arrowverse debut of Cobalt Blue. For the most part though, Season 9 is shrouded in mystery, and if it’s like the last several seasons, Eric Wallace and everyone else working on the show will only have around 18-20 episodes to tell their story. So while Eric is hoping to throw Nora’s conception into the mix, don’t presume it’s guaranteed.

As we move closer to The Flash Season 9’s premiere, CinemaBlend will pass along any big news concerning what’s coming in this upcoming batch of episodes. Fortunately, there’s plenty of upcoming small screen content to look forward to in the coming months listed in our 2022 TV schedule.

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