If Disney's X-Men Movies Are Coming, I Hope This Margot Robbie Fan Art Comes True

The future of the X-Men on the big screen is a big question mark at the moment. Nobody knows when or how popular characters like Wolverine, Cyclops or Magneto will be introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. All we know is that it will happen, in some way, at some point. And now we know when it does, it needs to include Margot Robbie.

One of the big questions regarding the eventual MCU X-Men is who will play the mutant characters. Several names have been suggested to play Wolverine, the single most popular member of the mutant universe, but now one piece of fan art, posted to IG by m.design 34 has suggested that Margot Robbie should be cast as the lesser known mutant Dazzler, and based on this image, it’s hard to disagree. 

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Dazzler, real name Alison Blaire in the Marvel Comics, only had the slightest of cameos in the last X-Men movie, Dark Phoenix, and she’s far from the most popular or well known character. For those reasons seeing a major star like Margot Robbie play her in a future film seems like a pretty long shot, but based strictly on this image, it feels like it could work quite well.

And who knows, maybe we will see some of the smaller name X-Men get a chance to take center stage when the mutants finally do arrive in the MCU. It would be one way to help differentiate the MCU versions of the X-Men before introducing new versions of the better known characters.

Using fan art to cast major names as well known characters is far from new or unusual, and while most of the time it’s just an artistic exercise, sometimes the ideas can really get fans behind them. Margot Robbie is like Keanu Reeves these days in that it seems both of them get rumored, or at least suggested by fans, for basically any major movie role that’s on the way, but that doesn’t mean something like this is impossible or even a bad idea.

While Margot Robbie is already arguably the face of DC’s cinematic efforts, having appeared in multiple films and without a doubt being the most popular character still going strong with Harley Quinn, we know that Robbie is also working with Disney on a Pirates of the Caribbean movie, and she wouldn’t be the first actor to take success in one corner of the Disney machine and parlay it into success elsewhere in the company. 

There’s only one real problem here. Dazzler’s particular mutant ability is to turn sound waves into light and energy, so she’s generally depicted in the comics as a singer. According to Robbie’s The Suicide Squad director James Gunn, Margot Robbie can’t really sing. Still, that’s what movie magic is for, right? 

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