Wait, Is Dazzler In Dark Phoenix?

Mystique in Dark Phoenix

While superhero movies are everywhere, there was a time when studios weren't so keen on shelling out massive budgets to bring comic book characters to life. 20th Century Fox (RIP) took a big chance by bringing 2000's X-Men to theaters, and it's a franchise that has never been far away from theaters in the decade and change since. The long-running property is set to have its finale Simon Kinberg's Dark Phoenix, in the second attempt at adapting the iconic comic book plot line.

The stakes for Dark Phoenix appear to be super high, as Sophie Turner's Jean Grey battles against the dark cosmic power inside her. While the fandom is eager to catch up with the First Class characters, there will be some new faces. And a new music video tied to Dark Phoenix may have revealed that Dazzler will appear in the blockbuster. In the video for Emeli Sandé's "Extraordinary Being", there is a quick glimpse at a character who looks an awful lot like the character. Check it out.

Dazzler's possible appearance

While not confirmed, the above shot sure looks a lot like Dazzler's comic book appearance. The unknown actress is shown wearing the character's signature white jumpsuit, and is even surrounded by sparkles and light-- reminiscent of signature Dazzler's mutant ability. And that should get the hardcore X-Men fans very excited.

Dazzler might not as popular an X-Men character as Wolverine or Storm, but she's had a long tenure in the comics, and has a unique origin. Dazzler is a professional singer, who has the ability to convert sound vibrations into powerful energy blasts. Her career and powers go hand in hand, and she's had a life in the comics beginning in 1978.

Aside from her tenure on the page, Dazzler has also appeared in some small screen X-Men projects. Most notably the animated series, although she wasn't a main member of the team. But she is perhaps most known as being a playable character in the X-Men arcade game, which is still available in arcades now.

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If the character above does end up being Dazzler, it will mark the first time the X-Men character has been adapted into live-action. Although she was featured in an easter egg during X-Men: Apocalypse. When Jean, Scott, and Jubilee traveled to the mall in the film's second act, they go to a record store. And one of Dazzler's records is present, alluding to the fact that she exists in the current timeline.

You can check out Emeli Sandé's new video, featuring plenty of Dark Phoenix footage-- and possibly the first glimpse at Dazzler.

Looks like her, right?

If Dazzler ends up having a role in Dark Phoenix, it should be interesting to see how she factors into the narrative of the movie. It looks like Jean Grey's cosmic powers will divide the mutants, as the superpowered characters decide what to do with their fallen X-Man. The trailers make it seem like a story wholly focusing on the starring cast we've seen in three previous movies, so who knows how singer/mutant Dazzler could come into play.

All will be revealed when Dark Phoenix arrives in theaters on June 7th. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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