James Gunn Blasts DC ‘Fan’ For Pushing Snyderverse On Kevin Conroy Tribute Post

Kevin Conroy appearing on Crisis Aftermath and James Gunn on the set of The Suicide Squad, pictured side by side.
(Image credit: The CW/Warner Bros.)

Fans are still in morning over the surprise passing of Batman: The Animated Series legend Kevin Conroy. After Conroy’s death at the age of 66, tributes continue to honor the life of the man who, to some, is the definitive Batman. Unfortunately, as was the case with new DC movies co-mastermind James Gunn’s tribute to the actor, a fan jumped in pushing the message of restoring the SnyderVerse. 

After sharing the announcement of Kevin Conroy’s death on Twitter, the chain of responses to Gunn’s tweet included someone who cursed him out. Seemingly ignoring the moment at hand, this person included a barrage of hashtags to potential SnyderVerse projects in the overall message. Blasting back, James Gunn responded with the following targeted, but polite, response: 

Perhaps you have difficulty picking up on cues - and, if so, I’m sorry, that can be a difficult thing in life - but my post is about a wonderful, talented soul who passed away. So this might not be the right time & place for your response.

James Gunn’s recent DC Films promotion has obviously made him the focus of attention to fans who want to see the rest of Zack Snyder’s potential Justice League story unfold. While not everyone who’s part of the big reaction to this DC news has reacted in such an aggressive manner, this incident is quite possibly one of the most extreme. 

While this is definitely a clap back to the random interloper that decided to drop in with a pro-Zack Snyder message, you have to admit it’s a measured response. No one would think that James Gunn would lay down a tweet as spicy as the ones that saw him temporarily fired from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Still, in connection to the passing of Kevin Conroy, one wouldn’t be able to blame him for being a bit fiery with the response. 

The memory of Conroy’s life and work will always be celebrated, as decades of Batman voice acting have ingrained him as a pop culture icon. In this moment that loss is still freshly felt, with the world still in mourning. As such, it’s probably a good time for people who have other agendas to discuss to politely shelve them, allowing everyone the proper period of grieving. 

On the business end of the equation, the days of James Gunn’s new DC responsibilities are early, so not much can be said on what exactly to expect. Except, of course, a second season of the hit DC series Peacemaker. In the meantime, you can revisit both Gunn’s past works in the DC universe, as well as Kevin Conroy’s iconic tenure as Batman, through the power of streaming. An HBO Max subscription is all that’s required to do just that. 

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