Sebastian Stan Recalls The Surprising Way He Learned He Was Joining The Cast Of Black Panther

Sebastian Stan in Black Panther
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Those who’ve worked with Marvel Studios seem to enjoy their time with the massive superhero media company. Additionally, as many have seen, there’s a level of secrecy and unpredictability that comes with joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in any capacity. Sebastian Stan, who’s played the role of Bucky Barnes since 2011, knows this better than most. His tenure in the franchise has taken him to some interesting places, and some were just downright unexpected. On that note, Stan recently recalled the surprising way he learned he was joining the cast of 2018’s Black Panther

Many fans were delighted when Bucky Barnes (who was being rehabilitated in Wakanda at the time) during the post-credits scene of Ryan Coogler’s superhero movie. Those who are familiar with the inner workings of the MCU know the intense detail that goes into planning storylines. So it’s still somewhat funny whenever an actor isn’t completely in the know when it comes to when or where they’re showing up next. While answering questions for Esquire, Sebastian Stan saw one query that asked if he’d learned about his cameo while speaking with Kevin Feige at baggage claim. The actor laughed and confirmed that he did hear it from Feige, though he clarified the details just a bit:

Completely true! I think it was like on the set of Civil War and he goes, 'Oh yeah, by the way, we're going to have you come in early next week. You’re going to do this scene with Ryan Coogler.' … It's always been like that by the way. It's always been offhanded. Even getting the role back in the day was sort of offhanded.

I mean, no big deal, just the head of one of the biggest studios in the world telling you that you’re going to pop up in a highly anticipated movie… and shoot your scenes the following week. So is the life of an MCU actor, I suppose. It’s also interesting to hear that his initial casting in 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger was even revealed in a somewhat matter-of-fact way. Still, based on his tone, I don’t think Sebastian Stan minded moving over to Black Panther after finishing his work on Captain America: Civil War.

The post-credits scene in Ryan Coogler’s critically acclaimed film was well received by fans. Not only was it a sweet sequence, but it also added a nice tidbit to Bucky Barnes’ characterization. It marked the first time the character was ever referred to as the White Wolf in the MCU, a title that ultimately stuck. (Fans also loved the way the actor was working that man bun.) All in all, the 335 star seemed to enjoy his time on set (as well as that moniker twist), and he also shared a behind-the-scenes photo at the time. The only downside was that his role led to an awkward, but incredibly humorous, misunderstanding between him and his mother.

Of course, Sebastian Stan and his fan-favorite character have come a long way since that movie. His most recent appearance, which was in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, saw the haunted Bucky finally take steps to building a new life. As for what lies ahead for the war hero-turned-assassin-turned-hero-again, that remains to be seen. Stan, of course, isn’t quite sure what’s in store either but has said that he’ll return as long as Marvel keeps calling him. 

I’d wager that the actor will return in a substantial MCU role at some point. Though even if he doesn’t for some reason, I’d take another Black Panther-esque cameo or two. Regardless of what happens though, let’s hope the actor gets the heads up sooner rather than later. 

You can Black Panther, the Captain America films and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier with the use of a Disney+ subscription.

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