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Thor’s Taika Waititi Jokes About Lying To Marvel Before Landing Ragnarok Gig

Chris Hemsworth on Thor: Ragnarok
(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a massive world, with a number of beloved franchises in the mix. Phase Four has been wild so far, and there are some highly anticipated projects coming down the line. Chief among them is Thor: Love and Thunder, which will mark Taika Waititi’s sophomore effort in the MCU. And now the Oscar-winning filmmaker is joking about lying to Marvel ahead of landing his first gig directing Ragnarok.

Taika Waititi has had a long career as a filmmaker and actor, but his acclaimed work in Thor: Ragnarok helped to make him a household name. Moviegoers were thrilled that he’d be back for Love and Thunder, which sounds like it’s going to be truly wild. Waititi was recently asked what it was like interviewing for a job in the MCU, offering some funny advice to the public. As he put it,

Say yes to everything. Absolutely, I can do that. I won’t let you down. you know. If you want a job, you’ve got to lie. You’ve got to fake it.

Well, there you go. Much like careers outside of the entertainment industry, sometimes you’ve got to simply fake it until you make it during a job interview. That’s what Taika Waititi did for Thor: Ragnarok, and that gamble definitely paid off. To date, the threequel is the most beloved installment in Chris Hemsworth’s franchise.

Taika Waititi shared this funny tidbit about interviewing at Marvel during an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Eventually the conversation turned to his ongoing role in the MCU, which includes being both a filmmaker and playing the role of Korg. Although his filmmaking gig wasn’t always a sure thing, and it took some bending of the truth in order to secure the director’s chair of Thor: Ragnarok.

Obviously we all know how things ultimately worked out for Taika Waititi. Thor: Ragnarok brought new life to the franchise, which had a bumpy road with the previous installment The Dark World. Now Chris Hemsworth will be the first Avenger to get a fourth solo movie, and there’s no telling what Waititi and company have up their sleeves for Love and Thunder.

You can see Taika Waititi tell the story about his interview with Marvel Studios and Disney in the video below. As always, the multihyphenate’s personality shines through, and he had the audience in stitches. Check it out,

Anticipation for Thor: Love and Thunder is super high, despite not much actually being confirmed about the mysterious blockbuster. This is partly due to the cast, which includes the Guardians of the Galaxy. What’s more, fans are eager to see the return of Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster, who will be transforming into Mighty Thor throughout the movie’s runtime.

Thor: Love and Thunder is currently expected to arrive in theaters on July 8th. In the meantime, check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

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