Marvel's Winter Soldier Creator Thinks Sebastian Stan Would Be 'Perfect' For Another Comic Book Role

Sebastian Stan has held the title of The Winter Soldier in the MCU for 10 years now, and his screen time majorly increased with the introduction of Marvel series this year and his role in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Being a reoccurring Marvel character certainly has its weight on an acting resume, but his role as a comic book character may not end with Bucky Barnes. Ed Brubraker, one of the Winter Soldier’s co-creators, has now revealed that he has his eye on Stan for another of his comic book creations. 

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Ed Brubaker says that Sebastian Stan would be “perfect” to play the titular character in his new Reckless graphic novels. While Brubaker does give credit to Stan’s portrayal of The Winter Soldier, he also says that the Captain America: Civil War actor is just all around fit for the part, and it would allow him much more screen time than his role as Bucky Barnes. Here’s what the comic book writer says on the topic, exactly:

We’ve had a bunch of movie interest, but nothing that’s come to fruition yet. Every time someone asks me who I want to play him, I’m like ‘Sebastian Stan.’ Not just because he was the Winter Soldier. Partly that. But because I think he’d be perfect for it. ‘Come on! You could be in every scene instead of half of them.’

It is true that appearance wise, Sebastian Stan does look a good deal like Reckless, and after Hollywood is done with him, he could pretty much be the spitting image of the graphic novel character. Stan is also used to playing gruff, rougher around the edges characters, which Reckless certainly is.

Although Reckless was created just last year by Ed Brubaker and his creative partner Sean Phillips, the graphic novel takes place in the ‘80s and is very much a pulp fiction novel that lends from the crime noir genre. Ethan Reckless is a detective in Los Angeles with a harrowing past, and it’s a character that sounds right up Sebastian Stan’s ally. 

While Reckless has not moved forward in Hollywood as a green lit project yet, if Sebastian Stan were given the chance to play the lead in a series or film it wouldn’t be the first time he has been transformed to play a character from another time. Stan recently completed filming Pam & Tommy and has been made over to become a young Tommy Lee for the limited series. There is not yet a release date set for the limited series, but it’ll be found on Hulu most likely next year. You can also check out Stan in his upcoming film The 355, which is releasing to theaters on January 7th of next year. 

Carlie Hoke
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