James Gunn Responds To Rumors About Henry Cavill's Future As Superman

Henry Cavill's Superman glaring at Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor
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Henry Cavill’s debut as Superman in Man of Steel may have kicked off the DC Extended Universe in 2013, but nearly half a decade following Justice League’s theatrical release in late 2017, it was unclear if we’d ever see the actor don the red cape again. Then Cavill finally returned as Superman last month in Black Adam’s end-credits scene, shortly after the 2022 movie release hit theaters, the actor said this was “just a very small taste of things to come.” However, James Gunn, who’s now co-running the newly-formed DC Studios with Peter Safran, has responded to rumors circulating about what’s being planned for Cavill’s Superman future.

The specific rumor James Gunn responded to on Twitter claimed that TV appearances are included in the new contract that Henry Cavill signed to continue playing Superman in the DCEU. Since James Gunn and Peter Safran are overseeing DC’s film, TV and animation efforts, the former is unquestionably qualified to answer what is actually going on with Cavill’s Superman, and Gunn made it perfectly clear that this information is being kept top-secret. In his words:

I’m not sure if you’re purposely lying or being taken advantage of by someone lying to you, but, as I’ve stated on here before, NO ONE knows what’s happening at DC Studios right now other than me & Peter. That would include writing up any new contracts for anyone at this point.

Now full disclosure, James Gunn and Peter Safran don’t have their hands in every DC film project. They’re not involved with the making of Joker 2, and it’s still unclear if they’ll be directly looped in on Matt ReevesThe Batman universe. But when it comes to the DCEU, these two are running the show now, and while there will come a time when we start learning what Gunn and Safran are cooking up, the filmmaker behind The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker will not stand for anyone claiming to know what these plans are, including anything contract-related.

In other words, outside of what Henry Cavill has told the public on social media and in various interviews, only Jams Gunn and Peter Safran know the specifics of what’s happening with Henry Cavill’s Superman, and it may be a while until said specifics are revealed to us. After all, everything on the immediate DCEU horizon was put together before the establishment of DC Studios. 2023’s upcoming DC movies include Shazam! Fury of the Gods, The Flash, Blue Beetle and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, and Gunn is also set to write and direct all of Peacemaker Season 2, which, like the first season, HBO Max subscribers will be able to watch at a yet-to-be-revealed date.

James Gunn is usually a straight shooter, so it’s a good bet he’ll confirm whether or not something is accurate regarding Henry Cavill’s Superman, or anything else involving the DCEU slate, when the proper time comes. For now though, you catch up to speed on what’s happening in this superhero franchise by watching Black Adam in theaters. Fans of Gunn’s work can stream The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special with a Disney+ subscription starting Friday, November 25.

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