No Time To Die’s Léa Seydoux Breaks Silence On Channing Tatum’s Scrapped Gambit Movie

Léa Seydoux in No Time to Die
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The Gambit solo film has become somewhat of a legend at this point, as a number of die-hard fans surely know that Channing Tatum was set to star as the Cajun card thrower. Eventually, after spending years in development hell at 21st Century Fox, Disney canceled shelved the X-Men spinoff after buying the film studio. At the time, No Time to Die’s Léa Seydoux was attached to star as Bella Donna Boudreaux, the titular hero's childhood love, in the superhero film. The actress hadn't spoken publicly on her involvement but has now broken her silence.

The former Bond love interest was cast in Gambit in 2015, around the time that Channing Tatum was cast. Before she landed the role, the character was reportedly set to be played by Mean Girls alum Lizzy Caplan. Léa Seydoux opened up to IndieWire about the canceled solo spinoff while promoting the horror thriller Crimes of the Future. And during the chat, she explained what exactly drew her to the production in the first place:

The script was really good. It had some funny bits in it, but they wanted to make more of a comedy.

Her assessment of the script falls in line with that of producer Simon Kinberg, who once labeled the superhero film a romantic comedy. Of course, the suave X-Man does have the personality to pull off the charming romantic lead (and has the kinetic energy to boot). It seems the award-winning actress was impressed with the unused screenplay. In the same interview, she went on to recall how American films how the American films she was offered were more imaginative compared to others:

I feel that in America people have more imagination. I have been offered films very very far from what I’ve done and I’m like, ‘Oh. Interesting.’ I love to feel that I can adapt myself. For me, that’s very exotic.

The phrase “very exotic” is a huge compliment from someone with Léa Seydoux’s taste in projects. I'd say that the rom-com angle would’ve given faithful Marvel fans a fresh take on the self-charging mutant. The No Time to Die actress’ compliment is yet another anecdote that makes one wonder what could've been. Previously, Dog director Reid Carolin even compared the couple’s relationship to one seen in a classic mob flick.

During the project's time at Fox, there were multiple directors attached to the it, including Rupert Wyatt, Doug Liman, and Gore Verbinski. At one point, Channing Tatum was rumored to be directing the film alongside producing partner Reid Carolin. After years of false starts, the actor left the project over creative differences and, when reflecting on losing the solo spinoff, he called the experience “traumatizing." He even stated that 21st Century Fox was against him and Carolin directing it.

But with Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios set to bring the X-Men into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Channing Tatum and LéaSeydoux could still play the star-crossed lovers someday. But right now, Tatum is currently working on Magic Mike: The Last Dance. and likely has other projects on his plate. Meanwhile, Seydoux has several upcoming movies, including One Fine Morning. There's also a plethora of upcoming Marvel movies that should more than fill the void left by Gambit.

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