Fighting crime in Central City isn’t just dealing with common thieves and violent murderers--not that those are easy to deal with in the first place. Still, when the particle accelerator that gave Barry Allen his super speed exploded, it also gave others unusual abilities, meaning that Central City’s new protector the Flash was going to have his work cut out for him. On occasion, there were even a few individuals who weren’t Central City metahumans who managed to give Barry a run for his money (pun fully intended). To the titular hero, these were difficult challenges, but to viewers of The Flash, these were visual spectacles that were totally worth a watch.

With cool stunt work and incredible visual effects for a TV budget, the freshman superhero series gave fans a lot of great battles between the Scarlet Speedster and other names from around the DC universe. When it comes to a TV series based off a comic book, that’s one of the best things both hardcore comic book fans and normal viewers who love action could hope for. Here are the best fight scenes The Flash delivered over the course of its 23-episode first season.

Spoilers for some of the big moments from The Flash Season 1 are ahead!

10. Flash Vs. Reverse-Flash (Fast Enough)
10. Flash Vs. Reverse-Flash (In "Fast Enough")
Compared to the other Flash/Reverse-Flash bouts, this one was much quicker (appropriate considering their powers), but certainly not lacking for intensity. In the season finale, Barry jumped to the present through the time portal and destroyed Eobard Thawne’s time machine before he could return to his own era. Furious, Eobard decided the only thing left to was to dish out the pain to his adversary, who had thwarted him yet again. As the two of them fought, Barry managed to get a few shots in, but Reverse-Flash got the upper hand soon enough, and told the Scarlet Speedster that once he finished him off, he would kill all of Barry’s loved ones. It was only due to Eddie shooting himself that Barry managed to survive, because with Eddie dead, the Thane lineage doesn’t continue. Thus, Eobard is never born and is therefore wiped from existence. To quote Doctor Who, a very “wibbley-wobbley, timey-wimey” way to end a fight.

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