This should go without saying, but there are spoilers from both tonight’s premiere of Gracepoint, as well as the British series Broadchurch in the following paragraphs. Proceed with caution.

Even before tonight’s premiere, Gracepoint was already getting a lot of comparisons to Broadchurch, the BBC series that Fox’s new drama is based on. In its season opener, Gracepoint does have a lot of similarities to Broadchurch, from the way certain characters react to various events to the way shots are set up by writer Chris Chibnall during the premiere episode, which opens with a shot of a young boy standing on the edge of a cliff, then bleeds into a shot of the headboard of a young mother who wakes suddenly, feeling something is not right with the world.

There are similarities in the feel of the town and certain bits of dialogue that pop out of the mouths of characters. There are similarities in the grief of a family who has lost their young son, grandson and brother, and feelings of unrest in a community that otherwise has been known for safety. However, Gracepoint, due to network restrictions, an American personality and some fantastic work by the show’s cast members, is not Broadchurch, even if it echoes the British series from time to time.

Following are the biggest changes I noticed while viewing Gracepoint. If there are other notable moments you feel I may have missed in my viewing of the Gracepoint pilot, feel free to point them out in the comments, below.

“gracepoint Gracepoint’s cast is extremely diverse. The owner of the inn is British. The racial makeup of many of the characters is different from their British counterpart. There are a lot of nationalities and cultural viewpoints brought in to Gracepoint that wouldn’t have worked as well in Broadchurch, but are less of a surprise on Fox, as the network is known for having diverse casts.

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