TV villains come in all shapes and sizes and motivations, especially when comic books are the source material for their evil ways. And some, as you well know, are far more nefarious than others, and often with head-scratchingly bizarre goals and machinations in mind. The kind that are so ridiculous, they should force villainous underlings to question their own paths in life.

Here are 10 villains from the current comic book TV landscape, ranked by just how insane, ill-conceived and ill-advised their master plans and motives were/are. I avoided using villains-of-the-week here to keep things concise, which is something that many of these big bads are not very good at doing. Spoilers are afoot throughout, too.

the walking dead
10. The Governor – The Walking Dead
There was a time when Philip Blake wasn’t an authoritative madman, but those days were mostly long gone by the time The Walking Dead fans got to him, at which point he’d already earned his nickname The Governor. In this depleted world, there were no needless dreams of conquering the world for The Governor, who basically just wanted to keep his Woodbury community intact and surviving. But how did he go about doing that? By straight murdering anyone who happened to travel near the area in a group of two or more, and choosing to accept mainly single survivors into the group. The need to avoid mutiny was understandable, but this was the worst example of a Homeowners Association ever put to thought.

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