Family Guy has been around for a long time positively doing the things that make people laugh (though not cry). Over the show’s 13 seasons, creator Seth MacFarlane and his writing staff have introduced audiences to vast community of weirdoes, snobs, animal-suited men, faux intellectuals, and closeted criminals, with many of them becoming almost as important to the show as the severely dysfunctional family at its center. But for all the quirks one can bring up when discussing Quahog’s citizens, the only quality that matters to me is being funny.

The efficacy of Family Guy’s humor from season to season is worth its own argument-inciting ranking, but for now, we’re focused just on the show’s 10 funniest characters. Note that this isn’t a reflection on the character’s importance or any other trait that isn’t about producing chuckles. And also note that Meg would be dead last, no matter what list we went with.

10. Mr. Herbert
The only thing that’s more uncomfortable than the majority of Mr. Herbert’s perverse lines – such as “Whoever can swallow the most Tylenol PMs wins” – is how much they make me laugh without really offering up a joke. The nuance-free Mr. Herbert is fully preoccupied with fantasizing about having sex with much, much younger members of the male gender, and while any form of pedophilia should be regarded with disdain, his quest to seduce Chris Griffin is akin to Wile E. Coyote trying to catch and eat the Roadrunner. Knowing it’ll never happen somehow allows me to snigger (albeit shamefully) when he brings up his basement full of sugary sweets. He’s also one of the only characters whose mere silent presence in a location, such as an elementary school, is funnier than any line that he could whistle out.

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