Like a bad ending can completely ruin an otherwise good film or book, a TV show’s final episode can leave such a bad taste in one’s mouth that it can change one’s perspective on an entire series. And there have been a lot of truly terrible series finales over the years, both for shows that were already awful and for ones that were extremely popular during their runs.

One particularly admirable Imgur user put together an interesting graph that uses IMDb ratings to pinpoint just how people received the series finales for a slew of different shows, as compared to the show’s average rating, and we’ve rounded up the worst 10 of the bunch. There are some surprises and some definite anti-surprises, and something we don’t get to mention is that Baywatch’s finale got a decently higher score than most of the other episodes. The more you know, right? Let’s get to it with a choice that I hate having to put on here. (Spoiler warning for certain shows.)

10. Futurama
A series whose final seasons weren’t received nearly as well as its first ones, Futurama bid farewell to viewers and Comedy Central in 2013 with an episode featuring Fry and Leela’s wedding in a world where time has stopped. It didn’t get a horrible rating, but fell far enough below the series’ norm to make the number 10 slot. Still, that episode was rated much higher than the Fox finale, the Season 4 closer “Where No Fan Has Gone Before,” which featured a Star Trek-themed plot and appearances from Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner and others.

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