Last night’s Academy Award ceremony was a whirlwind of glitz and glamour, where host Neil Patrick Harris sang, danced and stripped to his tighty whities, all for the sake of entertainment. And while movie fans will now spend most of the next year wondering which of 2015’s releases will be shooting for top honors at next year’s Oscars, we in TV world are more curious about what celebrity (or celebrities) will get the hosting gig.

Assuming the Academy and ABC haven’t already put their resources together to lock up Ellen DeGeneres again, here are ten choices for hosts that we think would keep the super-long telecast fresh and enjoyable. And though it was hard to not just list “James Franco and Anne Hathaway” ten times as a joke, those two won’t be popping up here.

Eddie Murphy
Proof to the contrary be damned, I will never fully accept that current day Eddie Murphy can’t stand toe to toe with heyday Eddie Murphy. Sure, his SNL 40 appearance was too subdued, and his Oscar presentation last night was even milder, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t still have it in him to work an audience. Maybe this year he’ll start that “reggae and comedy” tour idea that he’s been kicking around, and he’ll regain the confidence that turned him into a red leather-wearing comedy superstar. Also, let's not have Brett Ratner's awfulness ruin it this time.

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