Here we are, partway into the 2015 midseason premiere season, and we’ve got some new hits, such as Fox’s Empire, and some old critical darlings returning, like HBO’s Girls. But the Graveyard of Cancelled TV Series waits for no one, and there are quite a few shows out there with buzzards circling overhead, just waiting for that one memo so they can strike. (Incidentally, no new shows about buzzards this year, yet again.)

While networks have a way of surprising everyone with their random cancelations, the signs are often there on the horizon (or closer) to signify when a project’s demise is near. And though we’re certain that more than ten series are going to be put to rest over the next few months, here are the ten current shows most likely to get the axe. Fresh Off the Boat and Odd Couple, you’d better work extra hard to avoid making a list like this later on.

State of Affairs
Katherine Heigl’s return to TV following her clamorous exit from Grey’s Anatomy, State of Affairs centers on Heigl’s CIA analyst Charlie Tucker as she assists in constant high-risk situations involving everything from 4Chan to potential terror attacks to foreign prison escapes. Because if you’re not analyzing, you better damn well be figuring out how to rescue 20 kidnapped soccer players.

Why Would it Go?: State of Affairs seems to have a more dependable DVR viewer base than a live one, as the show’s ratings have mostly ebbed since the first handful of episodes. And the overly serious tone has kept the critical acclaim quiet enough to justify assumptions that NBC will opt out on heaping any money into a Season 2.

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