Take a good look back at the last five years, and you start to realize the massive amount of characters that have said goodbye on The Walking Dead – or at least gargled it out while choking on their own blood. And while most of them were D-side characters without much to offer the story, that still leaves a ton of main characters that have been killed off. (There are obviously spoilers all over the place here.)

So before Season 6 gets here and brings the Wolves out to start knocking off characters left and right, we thought we’d take a look back at the fallen and reflect on how much we miss them. Now, we’re not only talking about “miss” in the most emotional sense, but also to signify that we think the show might be better if some of these characters were still around, regardless of how little sense it would make for the narrative. Put on your best black suit and join us in the procession.

 walking dead
10. Andrea
I’m not sure if we’re all on the same page here, but I’m certain that a good chunk of Walking Dead fans also abhorred the walking joy-killer that was Andrea. Regardless of the fact that she was basically nothing like her comic counterpart, she was a character destined only for bad news and bad decision-making. Oddly enough, seeing her misery on a weekly basis is what I missed most about the character after her death (which she totally deserved for falling for The Governor.) We kind of need someone to root against on this show, even if they’re sometimes part of the good guys.

R.I.P. Andrea, if you must.

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