Unlike TV shows that are based on relatively limited movies or novels, The Walking Dead is able to draw upon a gigantic and ongoing piece of source material in Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard’s comic book series. This not only allows the creative team to give longtime readers faithful representations of some of the epic story’s biggest moments, but also lets them change things around to keep the shocks fast and frequent.

Speaking of changes, here are 11 characters from AMC’s The Walking Dead that were killed off in significantly different ways from how they met their maker in the comic books. In some cases, this worked out really well, while it was noticeably lacking in other cases. We’re chewing our fingernails down to the bone waiting to see how other characters end up eating it, but for now, we look back to the past.

 the walking dead
How He Died in the Show: One of Hershel’s right hand men in the post-apocalypse, Otis did a lot in his short time on the show, including kickstarting the Sophia mystery and shooting Carl. His fate was sealed when he and Shane went out to get meds for Carl’s recovery, and Shane decided that the mission would fail due to Otis being too slow. Shane shot Otis, who was soon chomped up by walkers.

How He Died in the Comic: Otis temporarily hung around Hershel’s farm while the rest of the group went to the prison, and though he was later saved by Michonne from a group of walkers, he eventually succumbed to their blindly murderous ways when the prison was attacked by a herd.

Which was Better? The show definitely got it right here, giving Otis’ death a purpose by exposing Shane (again) as an evil douchebag for sacrificing him.

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