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This fall’s comedy/horror blend Scream Queens will be having a second season at FOX. Ryan Murphy succeeded in creating basically an entirely new genre for the small screen, as each episode made the audience laugh and usually killed off a character in a gruesome way. With the first season over, and so many major characters surviving the menacing Red Devil killer, the question is: who will be returning for Season 2?

Well it appears that Ryan Murphy heard our cries for information, as it was just revealed that almost the entire cast of Scream Queens will be reprising their roles for Season 2. Scream Queens recently did an appearance at Paleyfest, where the announcement was made that so much of the cast would be returning to the series.

The list of returning actors are as follows: Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Abigail Breslin, Billie Lourde, Keke Palmer, Glen Powell, and Jamie Lee Curtis will all be stepping back into their roles, according to TV Line. While this news is exciting for fans of the first season, it doesn’t necessarily jive with how Ryan Murphy originally marketed the show.

Like American Crime Story and American Horror Story, Scream Queens was originally intended to be an anthology series. This would usually result in each season containing entirely new characters, settings, killers, etc. While the setting of Season 2 will change out of the college university, the same characters will still be causing hi-jinx and bloodshed moving forward.

It was also being advertised that only four characters would be surviving the first season Scream Queens, and that those characters would move on to star in Season 2. While this seemingly could have made sense, with perhaps the Chanels and Hester walking away, there are certainly more than four survivors.

Season 2 will reportedly change the location to a medical school. The Chanels, who we last saw living happily in a mental institution, will have somehow been exonerated for their crimes and accepted into medical school. In case you haven’t noticed, Scream Queens doesn’t exactly live in realism. Jamie Lee Curtis’ Dean Munsch will have apparently bought said medical school and hired Keke Palmer’s Zayday Williams to work there.

While I’m glad that I haven’t seen the last of Chanel Oberlin, I am a little disappointed that Scream Queens will no longer be an anthology series like the other Ryan Murphy projects. Part of what makes American Horror Story so great is seeing the same ensemble of actors completely transform into new characters every season. Additionally, any crossover moments where old characters return for an appearance are made all the more exciting- especially when the actors are playing two roles at once like Sarah Paulson in AHS.

Then again, what made Scream Queens so great was how ridiculous and cartoonish the cast was. I look forward to the likes of Munsch and Hester having insane quick-fire monologues full of cultural references in the future.

We’ll continue to update you as more information regarding Scream Queens Season 2 becomes public.

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