Janet Waldo, Who Played Judy Jetson, Is Dead At 96

Judy Jetson

The year 2016 has been a year filled with tragedy when it comes to famous folks passing away. Showbiz has already lost some greats; now, another performer has died. Janet Waldo -- who provided the voice for none other than beloved cartoon character Judy Jetson on The Jetsons -- is dead at the age of 96. She used her voice talent to guarantee that a teenage girl living in a futuristic world was relatable and enjoyable to audiences without access to flying cars or robot maids. Waldo's legacy will not be forgotten so long as there are Jetsons fans who remember Judy.

Janet Waldo's daughter Lucy Lee revealed that her mother died Sunday morning, according to ABC News. Waldo had been diagnosed with a brain tumor that was considered benign but inoperable when first discovered five years ago. Knowing that Waldo lived for five years in her 90s with a brain tumor is a testament to her strength.

The Jetsons was a staple of American television for many years. The show about the typical suburban family living in a future era filled with incredibly advanced technology debuted its first season in 1962 and ran until 1963. The show then entered syndication until 1985, when it ran for two new seasons until 1987. Waldo provided the voice for Judy Jetson for the run of the franchise on television.

Judy Jetson was the eldest child of the Jetson family. At the age of sixteen, she showed many of the traits associated with young women of high school age. She was always willing to talk boys, rock music, and fashion, and she'd spend plenty of time on the phone with friends. Despite often showing the stereotypical qualities of a teenage girl, Judy also proved to be a loving daughter to her parents and her and encouraging sister to her energetic oddball little brother Elroy.

Although best known for her role as Judy Jetson, Janet Waldo had a long career in showbiz as an actress of radio, film and television. She started in entertainment way back in 1938 with a series of uncredited roles in movies, which she followed from 1941 on with parts in radio programs and animated series. Waldo didn't kick off a live action television career until 1952 when she appeared in an episode of I Love Lucy. Still, she continued to find most of her fame via voice roles. In addition to voicing Judy Jetson on The Jetsons, Waldo contributed her voice talents to franchises such as Yogi Bear, The Flintstones, and Josie and the Pussycats. She remained active as a voice actress until 2012, when she ended her run on the radio drama Adventures in Odyssey.

Janet Waldo may have left the role of Judy Jetson behind many years ago, but she'll never be forgotten for the part she played in endearing the Jetson family to viewers everywhere. The Jetsons wouldn't have been the same without Judy, and The Jetsons might never have felt so relatable as a futuristic family if not for Janet Waldo bringing Judy to life.

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