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There's nothing quite like working with someone that you really get along with. In Hollywood, these symbiotic relationships can lead to collaboration partners, such as Tim Burton's cast of regulars (Johnny Depp, Helena Bohman Carter, the late Christopher Lee) and David O. Russell's relationships with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. This is presumably what has happened after years of working on The Walking Dead with actor Norman Reedus and producer/writer Greg Nicotero. But instead of simply doing more television projects together, they're stepping into a totally different world with their next collaboration.

EW is reporting that Norman Reedus and Greg Nicotero are opening a restaurant together in Senoia, Georgia. Senoia is where a ton of The Walking Dead is filmed each year, and now it appears they're taking their hold on the town a step further by becoming respected business owners. The restaurant is called Nic and Norman's and features a logo that includes Daryl Dixon's signature crossbow bolts.

Nic and Norman's can be found on 20 Main Street in Senoia, Georgia. While the menu hasn't been revealed, they're planning on opening the restaurant before the end of summer. The walls will reportedly feature art by Greg Nicotero and Norman Reedus.

Norman Reedus recently took to social media to get people psyched about the new eatery. His t-shirt features the logo for the venture. Check it out.

Opening soon 20 Main Street. senoia georgia Check us out if your in the hood. @nicandnormans

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Locals have also noticed how Nic and Norman's seems to be just shy of opening their doors to the general population. One person recently used twitter so share the exterior of the new business.

So what does Nic and Norman's mean for The Walking Dead? For one thing, it appears that Daryl Dixon is probably safe from Negan's wrath in the opening moments of Season 7. It seems very unlikely that Norman Reedus would invest in a local business if he's no longer going to be shooting in the Senoia area. Sure, he could be a silent partner, but that doesn't seem like Reedus' style.

Whoever was killed in the controversial finale was likely informed early enough so they could make arrangements for themselves, including possibly selling or moving out of whatever residence the actor is currently occupying. Emily Kinney, who played Beth for many season of The Walking Dead, recounted how hard the moving process was for her after she was killed off, so I doubt they'd make someone else go through that when they could otherwise plan their life during the show's hiatus.

Do you think Daryl's safe now? Are you ready to eat at Nic and Norman's? Sound off in the comments below.