A Battlestar Galactica Vet Just Joined Lucifer Season 2 For A Key Role

Tom Ellis as Lucifer

Fox kicked off its second comic-based series in early 2016 with Lucifer. Despite discouragement, namely a certain faction of TV viewers disapproving of a show about the Devil, the series was renewed for a second season. Now, an actress has been cast in a major role for Season 2, and she's not new to shows that aren't exactly based in reality. Tricia Helfer of Battlestar Galactica fame has signed on to play the title character's mom when Lucifer returns to the airwaves in September.

Tricia Helfer earned the status of sci-fi legend thanks to her role as Six on all four seasons of Battlestar Galactica. Six was introduced on the series as the Cylon who used her humanoid appearance to trick the genius Gaius Baltar into helping to destroy the human race. She alternated as a Six who appeared in Baltar's mind and as versions of Six who turned up periodically over the years. Six is probably the most recognizable character of the entire Battlestar ensemble, and it's hard to imagine the series without her.

While Lucifer will not feature her talents at portraying a surprisingly sympathetic cybernetic creation, Tricia Helfer still won't be playing a regular person. As the mother of Lucifer, she should be unlike any other character on the small screen. Although there has been no shortage of supernatural and sci-fi series in recent years, there haven't been a lot of women who are the mother of the Devil and the ex-wife of God. Lucifer creator Joe Henderson has teased that Season 2 will largely revolve around Lucifer dealing with his mom issues, according to TVLine.

Tricia Helfer as Six in Battlestar Galactica

Lucifer's mother will go by the name of Charlotte and harbor a whole lot of ire against her ex, who just so happened to have thrown her into Hell for thousands of years. Once she makes it out of Hell, Charlotte meets up with her son and reveals that she is not quite as willing to see the intriguing side of humanity as Lucifer does. She's stuck in a human body on Earth, however, which will clash with her belief of what she deserves as the Mother of Angels and ex of God. Lucifer evidently takes after his mom more than his dad, so his distrust of her claim that she only wants to get to know him again clearly comes from personal experience.

Tom Ellis as Lucifer

Just by looking at Tricia Helfer and Lucifer actor Tom Ellis, few people would think that they could be mother and son. In reality, Helfer is only five years older than the man who will be playing her son. Luckily, Lucifer's mom doesn't live by the same laws of physics as everybody else. If we're going to suspend disbelief enough to tune into a show about the Devil hanging out on Earth, we can suspend disbelief about Tricia Helfer playing a mom to Tom Ellis.

Lucifer won't be back until September 19, so it'll still be a while before we get to see Tricia Helfer in action as Charlotte. Check out our summer TV premiere schedule for a look at what you can watch in the meantime.

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