Moms Are Now Boycotting Olive Garden, All Thanks To Lucifer

Fox’s brand new series Lucifer is unrepentantly about the devil. Obviously, this isn’t going to play well with some audiences, and one of those audiences is the now-notorious One Million Moms. When it comes to Lucifer, however, One Million Moms isn’t asking all moms to band together to ban the new Fox series (lucky for the network). Instead, One Million Moms has an even loftier goal. They want moms everywhere to ban Olive Garden, as they have already personally done.

That’s right, they no longer feel there is a justifiable reason to dream of breadsticks and soup and salad combinations during the lunch hour. Instead, One Million Moms is angry with Olive Garden for lending advertising support to Lucifer, a comic book-based show that the moms feel is “spiritually dangerous.” And because they don’t like the show—which just hit the schedule this week--they want you to ban together to just say “no” to Olive Garden in the future. If you are pissed at Satan and thereby pissed at Olive Garden, here’s what the moms would have you do.

Let Olive Garden know that its advertising dollars are supporting sympathy towards the devil and glorifying Satan and that financial support should be pulled immediately.

It can be a rough world out there in terms of finding chaste, family-friendly programming. TV as a whole has gotten a lot edgier, and Lucifer is no exception. The pilot for the series featured a brief reference to oral sex, not to mention a lead who flouts a disinterest in God. That’s Lucifer, he’s the devil, and he’s been written as a character who has been wholly misunderstood for most of existence, and who is just starting to learn how to come to terms with that. Obviously, I think even Fox knows that Lucifer isn’t going to appeal to everyone and is banking on the hope that the drama will appeal to enough people. (In fact, it did do pretty swell numbers during its premiere episode.)

Still, taking out your disdain for a TV show on a company who happened to have an advertising deal with the parent network is getting about nine steps too outraged. So, I’d personally like to suggest that if you feel Lucifer is dangerous, you shouldn’t tune in to Fox on Monday nights. After all, Lucifer has been paired up with The X-Files, a dark drama that throws aliens and conspiracy theories in the audiences’ faces. CBS has the much tamer Supergirl and Scorpion on during the same timeslots. Maybe even watch them while eatings some breadsticks and alfredo sauce. You’ll probably feel full afterwards, but also a whole lot less outraged.

Lucifer battles with his inner demons on Fox on Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET. If you’d like to learn more about the drama, head here.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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