Big Brother 18 Live Feed Spoilers: Who Won The Veto And Who's The Main Target?

It being a holiday weekend, added to the new Road Kill twist to the game this year, the Big Brother house has had no shortage of ceremonies and competitions. This report will include the winner of this week's Head of Household competition, the two houseguests they nominated, the winner of the Road Kill competition, who they nominated, and the winner of the Veto competition. So if you're trying not to be spoiled, now's the time to turn back.

Thursday night's episode of Big Brother ended with a cliffhanger, as we never saw who won Head of Household. So we'll start with that, and then run through all of the other wins and nominations...

Head of Household


Safe because Paulie is Head of Household

Frank, Bridgette, Michelle

Nominated by HoH



Won Road Kill Competition


Nominated by Road Kill winner


Won the Veto


Veto used?

Not yet, but it sounds like the plan is to use it to take someone off (pretty sure it'll be Paul) and put Victor up, with the intention of sending him home. It seems like a good chunk of the house knows this is the plan.

Hat tip to Joker's Updates, where I verified some of the above information. As mentioned, it's a holiday weekend, and there's an extra competition and ceremony crammed in, which means the feeds have been up and down all weekend. But I've watched quite a few crucial conversations, in an effort to gather the highlights of what's going on in the Big Brother house right now. And from what I can tell, right now, Victor is the primary target. Of course, the week is still young, and there are two other nominees on the block, so anything can happen. But if things go as smoothly as they did last week, Victor will be meeting Julie in person on Thursday.

Victor has the Road Kill win, but this week may be proof that having the ability to nominate a third person for eviction doesn't ensure your own safety. I kind of like that. There might be some temptation on the house's part to send Tiffany out, assuming all or most of them know her connection to Vanessa by now. But she's locked in with the 8-Pack, so she should be safe, as long as the big alliance sticks together.

Meanwhile, Paulie has proven to be a real competitor, which we suspected might be the case. Will winning HoH and the Veto in the same week paint a bigger target on his back? He may be 8-pack adjacent, but as the numbers on the other side dwindle, he could end up being this season's Frank (the one people start targeting early on when they realize he's hard to beat in competitions.)

In other news, James and Frank were talking about figuring out how to get Tiffany out sooner than later, despite the fact that she's in their alliance. They discussed possibly using the Road Kill twist to quietly nominate her, claiming none of them have it. And then work to get her out. It sounds like they'd like to make this happen sometime before jury. They're probably planning a bit too far ahead for that to go down exactly as they hope it to, but it's interesting to note the existing cracks in the 8-Pack alliance already. I also don't hate hearing Frank and James trying to plan ahead, considering neither of them were really known for that in their respective seasons.

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