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Watch Big Brother 17's Vanessa Explain Herself To Austin After The Finale

What did Austin and Vanessa have to say to one another when they came face to face in the back yard of the Big Brother house last night? Is Austin still angry? Is Vanessa still in game-mode? We might not have known, had Jeff Schroeder not caught the interaction in camera last night when he was doing post-finale interviews. Check it out below...

Part of the Big Brother Live Feed withdrawal process involves the frustration at not getting to see the houseguests interact with one another once the finale is over and they have a chance to talk to each other about things that happened in the game. As you can see in the above video, Jeff Schroeder took his reporting abilities to the next level when he saw Vanessa and Austin having a discussion in the back yard between interviews, and he made sure to get the microphone in their faces for us.

And what do we see? I wouldn't call it a heated discussion, as both seem to be at least a little bit relieved to be able to clear the air over Vanessa's decision to evict Austin. But the discussion is still pretty intense, and Vanessa still clearly in game mode! Or that's just Vanessa-mode. She did her fast-talking thing, explaining that she couldn't win against Austin, and that she was loyal to Liz to the end, which proved to be true, as she not only would have taken Liz to final two, but she also voted for Liz to win. Of course, as she fully admits, her choice to bring Liz closer to the end over Austin was more about who she could win against than loyalty.


Austin seems to be reasonably cool about the situation. At the very least, he doesn't seem angry. But there still are cameras anywhere, so who knows how he's really feeling.

Watching this video makes me wish that Jeff spent his backyard time wandering around sticking his microphone in people's faces when they weren't doing press interviews. I have to imagine there were more conversations like this one happening among the jurors as they waited to do their interviews. Next year, Big Brother. Make it happen!

For those who do have the Live Feeds (opens in new tab), you can get a sense of how the above interaction started by turning on Wednesday night at about 10:48 p.m. PST. The camera shows us a wide shot of the back yard, and you can see Jeff talking to Austin while he waits for his next interview. Vanessa appears to have finished up with an interview and adjusts her hat for her next one. Then she slaps hands with Jeff and spots Austin. The two immediately begin talking and Jeff quickly gets his camera ready to capture the scene. Good stuff.

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